I Fancy a Filofax: A5 Aqua Chameleon (in love)

Filofax Chameleon Aqua (A5)
The other day I got a wonderful surprise. I paid a sneaky visit to the Filofax website (as I do at least once every time I am online) and to my delight I discovered that the Filofax I have had my eye on for months... The Filofax that started the obsession but was too expensive to even consider... The Filofax Chameleon in Aqua A5... Was ON SALE.

But not just on sale... it had a 50% discount! It was a miracle I simply couldn't ignore.

So without even thinking about it - because I knew that any amount of thought would result in something very silly called rationality, which would lead to me never owning such a thing of beauty - I logged into my bank account, increased my overdraft by fifty quid, and made the purchase. Very bad Zara.

I don't care... I don't care... I just have to have it.  And now I do :)  Well not quite - it still has to arrive in the post.  But at least it is on its way.  I'm so ridiculously happy, I almost feel bad about it, almost. I know it makes no sense, how can sane adults develop such a strange addictive obsession with these extortionate little organisers and paper inserts?  Well I just don't know.  All I know is that I am one of these crazy people, well and truly.

How do I know this?  Well, aside from the fact that I have just spent fifty quid that technically isn't mine on a piece of stationery, I do often find myself on Ebay, browsing through the lists, hoping to spot a bargain, and suddenly I'll realise a couple of hours have gone by. Hours. Once I spent two entire hours in Paperchase deciding on paper inserts, and other bits and pieces for my personal sized organiser, when I should have been in the library studying.  It was an unexpected detour, what can I say?  Its not like I planned it!

Anyway, I think my recent purchase is a sign to get serious.  So I have created this blog.  Yes a BLOG all about Filofaxes, and paper inserts, and pens, and page-keepers, stickers, and notebooks. The beauty of it is that I have happily discovered that  I am not alone. There are lots of people keeping blogs dedicated to their Filofax-addictions.  Do you know what this means? It means I am not crazy.  Or maybe I am.  Maybe we all are.

Can't wait to get it. I will be posting lots of pics and a video when I do. Watch this space fellow Filofax and stationery junkies :)

Want to read more?

"I was fifteen. A girl in my class had one, she was a girl I respected. I wanted to be respected too... So I purchased my first Filofax."


  1. Good for you - the A5 aqua is a real beauty, you will love it when it arrives!!!

  2. Hi LJ - I certainly do love it! Will be posting up pics shortly, you can witness my excitement in my recent videoblog if you're into watching random strangers open their mail in front of a webcam :D

    Thanks for your comment

  3. Wow 50% off! I wish such a deal could be had here in the US

    1. I believe the UK Filofax site does international shipping... (I just love enabling XD)

  4. Aw that's a shame for you :( You should check out ebay. I could spend hours browsing through ebay's filofax lists looking for a bargain... in fact I think I might nip over to the site now, just while I drink my cupa tea :)

  5. The aqua A5 was also what caught my eye initially when I started looking at Filofaxes. As soon as I saw your post, I jumped onto the FF UK site, but the aqua was already sold out... But that's okay, I'll just keep saving up for the Baroque...

  6. Oh dear...
    I haven't heard of the Baroque, I'll have to look it up! Good luck saving up - you can do it! I developed a cool way of saving without really noticing... basically every evening i look in my purse and if there are any pound coins I take them out and put them in a coffee jar. Only pound coins though - the rest can stay in my purse. You'd be surprised how fast they mount up! AND it means you're more likely to use up the pennies. :)


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