Filofancy is Back... "About Filofancy"

My name is Zara M. I am an Artist and a Writer. You may recognise me from the handful of Filofancy videos I created, my first one was about four years ago, and of course my blog.

Where Does "Filofancy" Come From?

The term "Filofancy" was originally created (by me, I think) to describe a hobby or interest that includes the ever so slightly obsessive admiration of personal organiser products, mainly in the Filofax product line. The word is closely related to the term "Canary Fancier" which of course has nothing to do with stationery, but sometimes the creative process is like that. A quick google search will bring up the definition for "Fancy" though, and essentially it expresses - "feeling a desire for, or
liking something." So there you go.

My Love Affair With Stationery...

I am not as much of a Filofax fanatic these days, my loyalties have shifted along a bit and I am now a dedicated Midori Traveler's Notebook convert. It has taken a few years of switching back and forth, but I now know where my heart truly lies, and I have a system that I stick to which seems to work well for me. I do still have a fatal fascination for ring-bound organisers though - which occasionally takes over, and I still use a small Filofax alongside my Midori for keeping records of orders and sales from my Art Business.

The Blog...

I have come back to the Filofancy blog after quite some time now, to give it a new look and update the content. I love that my old posts are still of interest, and still receive many new visits every day, even though I haven't been active on the blog for a few years. It just goes to show how great the stationery-loving community is.

I am very much looking forward to sharing my own journaling adventures, discoveries, thoughts and inspiring tips/creativity with you again. I am now making a living as an Artist too, so I hope to be able to incorporate my art and provide you with plenty of scribblings to use and enjoy.

Where Else Am I?

I have just created a New Instagram Account which is nerve-wreckingly bare :) So  please come along and show me some love. I have to say I was a bit surprised to see an account already open called "Filofancy" - Please don't confuse me with the lovely pink lady, Donna Brandon Brown, although her feed is lots of fun :)

There is of course the Filofancy YouTube Channel. I am looking forward to doing a few more videos soon, so take a look and subscribe to keep updated.

I am looking to open up an Etsy Shop in the very near future, and incorporating my art into some beautiful stationery products and downloadable/printable images for you to use in your own journals, notebooks and personal organisers. If you would like to keep updated on that I suggest you sign up to receive email notifications of my new blog posts - There is a subscription box in the blogsidebar.

GREAT to be back, and thank you for visiting the blog! I hope to hear from you, I always respond to comments, so feel free to introduce yourself and point in the direction of your own blog/website/social network accounts.

Zara M.


  1. Nice post about the Camel TN, Zara. I bought the passport with 2017 diary pack last year and I was also disappointed with its colour and texture. It's darker than I wanted, appears very dry, and more brown than camel. In fact it's still in its box and I've just utilised the diary. I must give it a go just like you. Lovely blog by the way.

    1. Thank you Steve :) I'm sorry to hear you were disappointed with your passport camel. You should definitely give it a go though, even if only to see "what happens", the leather may mature in a way that you warm to. Glad you have enjoyed the blog x


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