Filofancy Ramblings - I Nearly Lost my Filofax!

My beloved Pocket Guildford

Hello Everyone,

Just to let you know (Because you don't know me very well yet), sometimes I have an urge to write a load of waffle that is probably of no use or interest to anyone but myself.  You'll just have to excuse me when this happens, and I'll help you out by naming these posts: Filofancy Ramblings.  So you are welcome to avoid them if you so wish, and skip to my more focussed, informative, and creative Filofax-related posts.  I am not so vain as to think this blog is all about me.  Why would you be interested in me after all?  I'm just a girl in a world over-populated with girls.  You probably wouldn't be so interested in Filofaxes either if they weren't so exclusive with not enough designs to choose from - it makes them all the more special eh?

Anyway, I just wanted to say, and it might seem like a rather odd thing to get excited about, but I made a PENNY from the blog's Adsense ads today! Someone must have clicked on an advertisement in my sidebar and made a purchase.  How cool is that?  Okay so its not ground-breaking; but you know, I'm a girl who nearly had an orgasm opening a giant package containing an A5 Chameleon Filofax - (in aqua) - in front of my webcam - check it out - (Not me nearly having an orgasm, I mean check out the brand new Filofax!)  It's the little things in life, isn't it?

Speaking of little things... I nearly LOST my beloved Pocket Guildford  today,I can't believe it.  I left it behind in the library, and I wouldn't have noticed it was gone so soon had I not reached into my bag to skim my daily to-do list insert.  I have to keep one of these every day of the year otherwise I forget important things like...

  • MUST buy matching pink mechanical pencil from Paperchase for my new A5 Chameleon Filofax.
  • MUST remember to brush my teeth before I go to bed tonight or risk waking up with a mouth tasting of crispy aromatic duck and spring onions like this morning.
  • MUST take out money to pay rent.

Would you believe me if I told you that this was the actual beginning of my list of priorities for today? Yep - pen for Filofax right at the top!

So you see?  It was my lack of memory and need for a Pocket Filofax with to-do inserts that made me realise I had left it behind. I ran back in alarm as soon as the realisation hit me, swearing that if I lost it I would go straight to Ryman and buy another, even if it mean increasing my overdraft again by another fifty quid.

Thankfully someone had handed it it to the reception desk and nothing was missing.  Thank you so much to that person, and to the Filofax angels!

More Filofancy Ramblings another time...

Zara M.



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