Filofax - The New Smartphone!

They call them 'Smartphones' for a reason, though I'm not entirely sure what the reason is... 

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Filofax vs. 'Smartphone' comparison list...)

When I purchased my very first 'smartphone' last year, on my very first pay monthly contract deal, I have to admit I was besotted.  I abandoned my Pocket Guildford Filofax and my Moleskine for an online calendar syncing system, and took full advantage of every note-taking app I could download for free.  Even my laptop became a bit redundant when I discovered a screenwriting app, a 'quickoffice' app, and various blogging and social networking apps.  It was bliss and most of my spare time was spent squinting at the mini-screen - On the bus, in bed, and on the loo.

But I soon found that my battery was just not up to the job.  What happened to those good old Nokia phones that used to last about a week before they needed re-charging?  My new 'smartphone'  dies at the most inconvenient of times, and I can barely get through a day. So to rectify the problem I got into the habit of having the phone permanently on charge whenever I was at home, so that at least I would know that when I was out it would be fine.  But effectively this only made the problem worse.

Then a few months ago the worst thing imaginable happened. The socket where my charger lead fits into my phone became loose.  First a little wiggle sufficed to do the trick, then a good shove tended to kick-start the charging process.  But of course I'd have to keep an eye on it because it would randomly stop charging which was jolly dangerous, because suddenly I was waking up in the morning to find it was actually the afternoon. My so-called 'smartphone', which had cockily replaced my alarm clock too, had conked out in the middle of the night because it had stopped charging two minutes after I had drifted off to sleep!  I don't know about you, but I don't think this is very smart. If anything I think its smart-ass and lazy.

In a short space of time the situation became so ridiculous that I was balancing the phone upright and on its side; sometimes upsidedown, wedged in a groove between a stack of books, with an elastic band wrapped round the phone to keep the connection intact.

It was at this point that I had had enough. I was about to give in and purchase a new 'smartphone' when my aunt suggested an external charger for the battery.  So I ordered a charger on Ebay that sticks in the wall and I have to take the battery out of the phone and slot it into the charger every time it needs charging.  For this reason I have two batteries so that one can be charging while I am using my phone.  But each barely lasts a day, and the MOST annoying thing is that my nails break now on a daily basis as I try to pry the phone open to swap the batteries over.  The whole thing is completely bonkers.

What's worse is that when I purchased the smartphone I didn't automatically become a 'smart-owner' of the 'smartphone'. I was mislead into paying insurance I didn't ask for.  I discovered this earlier today in fact when for some reason I was analysing my bank statement.   £7.99 a month since this time last year - Ouch!  So here I have been struggling with all the flaws of my decrepit piece of 'advanced technology' for a good three or four months and the fact is I have insurance that I didn't even know about, and could hence have simply had the thing replaced.  Apparently a month or so free insurance comes automatically with a phone when you purchase the contract, but the loophole is that you have to remember to cancel it after the free period if you don't want to pay for it!

Anyway, I guess I shouldn't complain.  At least now I know that I can go to The Carphone Warehouse and get the problem fixed, and then go to the Salon and get a manicure.

Filofax Fanciers may be relieved to know that I am back to using Filofax organisers. They are SO much better than 'smartphone' calendar apps.  And here's why...

Filofax vs. 'Smartphone' 


Staring at a Filofax for hours gives you nothing but pleasure...
Staring at a 'Smartphone' for hours gives you a headache!
Filofax 5/5
'Smartphone' 0/5


My 'Smartphone' fits pretty much anywhere - In my pocket, in my handbag, and even in my Filofax, but the battery-life means that using it on the go can often be short-lived if I don't have my charger with me, which takes up more space in the bag.  My Filofax takes up space in my bag too, and can be heavy depending on what size I have chosen to use, but at least all of my information is constantly accessible.
Filofax 3/5
'Smartphone' 3/5


My 'Smartphone does pretty much everything, all I have to do is download an app, and put up with touch-screen typing which can be annoying.  My Filofax can be specifically designed and organised to my needs as well.  My A5 Filofax works as a portable office-desk which is great for commuting, and my Pocket Filofax can double up as a wallet, and also slot my phone in, so its almost like a clutch bag!
Filofax 5/5
'Smartphone' 4/5


My 'Smartphone is discrete and formal, but can be jazzed up with clip-on covers, gel covers, sleeves and holders.  My Filofax - well I don't think I need to say that I am in love with it, isn't that given?
Filofax 4/5
'Smartphone' 5/5




  1. This: Staring at a Filofax for hours gives you nothing but pleasure...
    Staring at a 'Smartphone' for hours gives you a headache!

    LOLOL! So true! I do love getting podcasts on my iphone but to be honest the worst thing is does is being a phone, which is kind of odd.


  2. Haha, glad I've given you a giggle Tracy :)

  3. Not to talk about the time savings when you use a filofax. It takes all but a few seconds to note down a calendar entry in my filofax but forever to first find the right day, then note down when, where, what etc. on my smartphone.

    Then there's of course the fact that my filofax calendar gives me a great, easy to see overview of my week. My Calendar on my smartphone does not do that...I have to open each and every day separately!

    Oh, I do love my smartphone for a lot of things. Especially lists. But overall, I find arranging and putting in information on it really is more cumbersome than it is helpful. Mainly because of the tiny little "keyboard".

  4. Oh God yes - all those annoying sections to fill our on the smartphone before you can even put a date in your diary... and the tiny keyboard...

    I do like my smartphone, and I would definitely feel a bit lost without the email alerts and easy access to social networks, but its definitely not a Filofax replacment!

    Thanks for your comments :)


  5. i think you are not familiar with new technology. People normally use what they already using. They don't want to upgrade themselves. Dear , I think smart phones arr much more easy to use and reliable in every sense. If you know how to handle them. which smart phone do you need. before buying we should check our requirements. I had my phone working perfectly........... i used non stopped about 12 hours..daily for 3 days...... and battery works fine. other than talk time. i never charged on daily basis. still its working perfectly........i can , make notes, calendar, events, organizer, as Facebook, checks emails ....take snaps makes videos.........and much more.......
    I think we must upgrade ourselves with new technology..........

  6. Hello alizaffarali,

    Pleased to meet you, thanks for taking the time out to comment on my blog post :)

    Firstly I am glad you have managed to make great use of your smartphone, good for you! (Do you own a Filofax? Perhaps you'd like to entertain us with your own 'personal Filofax vs. smartphone comparison list'?

    I have a sneaky feeling that anyone following this blog will probably be pro-Filofax, seeing as it is a blog dedicated to the nifty little organisers, and in my own defence, anything I write on here is just my own perspective, and mainly aimed at entertaining Filofax fans and lovers of stationary. In no way do I mean to offend anyone in my Filofax ramblings - its all just a bit of fun, you know? Nothing personal intended, life is too short.

    Also, I may have pulled my smartphone to pieces in the blog post, but I still love it to bits, even though I am currently breaking nails on a daily basis to swap over the batteries.

    What smartphone do you use? Mine is a HTC Incredible S. And my filofax is an A5 aqua Chameleon BEAUTY!


  7. Wish I was more efficent in using my filofax, but going around an office looks much more profesional with a filofax in hand as appose to a phone where your boss will just assume you're texting away :P - (I imagine) as I'm only a college student haha

    1. Haha, I know exactly what you mean! :)


Thanks for your comments and getting involved! :)