A Filofax Moodboard Like Temperley's

Inspired by the sneak preview of Alice Temperley's moodboard for the new collection, I decided to create my own visual collages to express myself, and well basically just have some fun!

I really like the patterns that Alice is playing with.  I'll be interested to see what the final products look like. I think they are due to be ready for September Fashion Week, which will be just in time for my birthday... hint hint! 

Perhaps the most attractive thing about Temperley's previous limited edition Filofaxes are her use of fabrics. The lacy "Affair" oozes intimacy with that risqué undertone, and the brushed fur of the Guinea contrasted with the golden rim is pure edgy class.

I'm telling you it's all about the fabric!

So I routed around in my bedsit to find some fabrics of my own, and this is what I discovered...

Don't you just love this satin Japanese-print material I found in my closet?  I think it's quite effective when teamed with this lace and patterned silk.

Ooh wouldn't it be cool if Filofax designed a Kimono Filofax, combining the satin fabrics with luxurious leather, embossed with Japanese symbols?  I want one already!

They could design them with horizontal strips of patterned satin fabric and embossed leather so that it mimics the Japanese Kimono with a wide strip of contrasting fabric in the middle like a Kimono Sash.  Inside they could experiment with fan designs for the inserts.  Oh it's so exciting!

I think I should be on the Filofax design team.  What do you think?  Or at least on their promotions, marketing, or campaigning team.  What fun I'd have.

It's actually quite amazing how a bit of textured fabric can really set a plain leather filofax off.  My filofax is a battered old vintage personal organiser from the 80s.  (Its not even a 'Filofax' to be honest, just a nameless dark red leather organiser.)  But after setting against a backdrop of all these luscious fabrics I'm beginning to see my vintage beauty through renewed eyes. I think I'm falling in love all over again.  Move aside my adored A5 Chameleon... it's time for my anonymous 80s Personal to experience some TLC.

When I have decided how I am going to put it to new use I will let you all know, with lots of glorious pics.  But until then, here are some to keep you going, and inspire you to dig out your neglected old Filofaxes...

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  1. Hi, love your idea of a Japanese Kimono style Filofax! You should design one :D ! As long as the material was hardy enough to survive being thrown around in my bag, it would be beautiful. The paper could be cream too and they could so special inserts with Japanese script and sketches.
    p.s. I too would love to be on the advertising and market team of Filofax - I spend enough time with mine :) only recently purchased it and wonder how I got by without it.

    1. Yes... Japanese script and sketches... my thoughts entirely. So much potential for some truly beautiful Filofax designs, but for some reason the designs are rather limited, or way too expensive (Temperley). Glad you are enjoying your Filofax... roll on 2013, its New Year Resolution time!


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