Videoblog 3: My Holborn Filofax is also my New Clutchbag!

If you enjoyed that you might enjoy reading about my first impressions of these GORGEOUS new Filofaxes of mine!  

(They arrived this morning and I am smitten...)


  1. Awwhh you really are adorable, do you not find that you're writing out things like four times or whatever for all of your different filofax's?

    1. Hehe, thanks Nicole :)

      At first when the Filo-addiction took hold it was definitely causing me a bit of a headache, but I think I'm finally settling into a system now.

      Basically I use each Filofax for a different task. So The New Holborn has quickly become my main general Filofax, with dairy, daily notes, lists etc. I love it because of all the pockets and the fact that you can zip it all away safely and shove as many pens as you need inside - I'll be posting about my setup soon - lots of eye-candy.

      I use my A5 Chameleon as a work Filofax to organise my writing.

      And I'm currently working on setting up all the rest for separate projects. I'm quite good at keeping things separate now :)


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