Desperately Seeking Paperchase Stickers

Don't you just hate it when you buy a really cute packet of stickers, and you resist purchasing more than one pack only to find that after you have completely become dependent upon them they appear to have been discontinued! Oh I'm so upset...

I bought these adorable smiley (and sad) face stickers from Paperchase, and I can't find a replacement. Does anyone know of where I can get something similar? These were kind of three-dimensional little rubber-like circles, with all sorts of cute and crazy facial expressions doodled on them. Desperately want more... 


  1. Hey! They're not Paperchase, but there are some similar ones on Artbox

    1. oh my God! They're perfect... thank you so much :) I'm so happy heehee xx (Amazing how happy one can get over stickers isn't it?)

    2. You're welcome :D
      I think being made happy by something so little is a good thing. Means folk like us are easier to cheer up if we're a bit down in the dumps :D

    3. Absolutely, I like the way you think! :)


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