Filofax Caddys or Craft Totes (as they're more commonly known!)

You can purchase this cool craft tote from

I've noticed online that a lot of people are using CRAFT TOTES as organisation stations for their Filofax sessions - and it looks like a lot of fun! So I decided to look into it...

This has got to be one of the best I have come across in my search for the ultimate, yet affordable Filofax Tote... yes I am now calling them Filofax Totes. It is called the 'Mackinac Moon Open Top'.

I just love it. I love the colours, and I LOVE the fact that it's only £31.99 including P&P - I can't believe that. Some of these craft totes can get jolly expensive you know?

This one has so many pockets for pens and whatever else you use, and each pocket is separate so you can divide your pens up into whatever groups suit you best. Imagine having one for highlighters, one for glitter pens, one for felt-tips, one for sticky-stuff... The possibilities are endless! Because it's specifically designed for crafts it has all sorts of clever secret pockets for you to discover.

Even the inside is sectioned, and ideal for holding your Filofax, along with any other notebooks and journal systems you use.

I also adore the fact that it's so sturdy and has handles so you can transport it about the house and keep all of your Filofax goodies or scrap-booking materials together, but not be stuck in one place.

Want, want WANT!

If you're looking for something you can zip up and take with you, then invest a little more this adorable and very versatile craft tote.

It is the 'Creative Options Total Tote' and comes in Vineyard Purple Faux Suede. It is water resistant and has a wonderful variety of sections for all of your creative accessories. In fact there are so many exciting little features that I can't even mention them all here, so you will have to go to the website and have a look for yourself!

I have to go now and ogle other people's Filofax Caddys... 


  1. I have the Mackinac Moon and I love it for my Filofaxes. The A5 fits in the centre and the Personals can sit up in the compartments while pens, highlighters, etc sit in the pockets. It means I can carry it around the house depending where I want to work.

    1. Hi Morag,

      The Mackinac looks really cool! Thanks for your tips, it's good to know which Filos fit. It is a great way to transport everything you need around the house. I imagine that if I decide to purchase one of these that I'll probably end up Filofaxing on the loo... much to my landlady's annoyance :)


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