How To Use Midori Traveler's Notebook Refills With Your A5 Filofax Organiser

I have been thinking about the differing attractions of using a ringed organiser such as a Filofax and a bound notebook such as the Moleskine. Filofax gives us that wonderful flexibility of being able to move pages around, add, remove and replace pages, and even redesign our whole organisation systems at a whim to including new sections as needed. Whereas bound notebooks have a reassuring sense of permanence and chronology which many of us value and treasure.

Do we have to be a fan of only one or the other though?

How I Use A Bound Notebook 
To Compliment My A5 Filofax System...

I love my Filofax for it's versatility. I like that it holds everything together in one place and yet I can keep sections separate. I love the ability to open up the rings and add different bits of paper for lists and notes that relate to certain pages. I love the fact that anything that can be hole-punched has the potential to make my Filofax look more beautiful and be of more use. It is ideal for planning. But as a journal writer I find that I prefer to use a bound notebook to write my thoughts in, because the rings of my Filofax get in the way; and as an artist I find it more comfortable to sketch in a bound sketchbook.

Recently I bought a leather Midori Traveler's Notebook (Read about how I use it here). I was thrilled to discover that the notebook refills slip perfectly into my A5 Chameleon Filofax just like a moleskine, but better! So what did I decide to do? Why make my own of course! The result was so beautifully professional that I decided I wanted to share my hand-sewn notebook refills with the Filofax community, and make some extra cash while I'm at it.

So I'm very excited to announce that I am now making hand-sewn notebooks to fit the beautiful leather Midori Traveler's Notebook, and also your A5 Filofax! They fit the Midori perfectly, and they are discrete and slim enough to slip into your A5 Filofax to use as an extra notebook, sketchbook, or personal journal.

You can see in the image above how the notebook cover slips into the left-hand pocket neatly, the whole thickness of the notebook can be slipping into the pocket easily as it is slim with 32 pages of plain paper (you can currently choose between plain white, or pastel-coloured paper).

The picture below shows how you can slip it into the back pocket of your A5 Filofax if you don't already use the rear jot-pad in your Filofax. Actually even if you do use the back pocket for a jot-pad you can still slip the refill notebook in the back, it's nice and slim and tucks in discretely...

Uses For Your Notebook In Your A5 Filofax...

Having an extra notebook that you can pull out and use either with or separately from your Filofax has it's benefits. I have listed a few ideas here to inspire you...
  1. Use it to record personal thoughts like a journal. Pull it out of your filofax when you are in a coffee shop and then sit back, fold back the spine and scribble away...
  2. Use it as a sketchbook to scribble down ideas for artwork, design ideas for crafts, stick cuttings from magazines...
  3. Create a mini bound scrapbook to slip into your Filofax - make it beautiful, make each page a work of art. Store all of your mini scrapbooks in a shoebox, create a filing system.
  4. Use it for rough note-taking to save your Filofax inserts.
  5. Use it specifically as a lists-book for shopping lists because it's easier to pull out a notebook refill in the supermarket than it is to pull out your whole filofax!
  6. Use it to write poetry in.
  7. Use it specifically as a doodle-book in your Filofax to stop you from messing up all your professional Filofax sections.
  8. Use it to rip pages out of, hole-punch and file away in your Filofax.
  9. Use it for any information that you need to keep in a specific order - create a diary for achievements or milestones or other information you need to record in a permanent order.
  10. Use it to jot recipes down in one place.

Don't forget that the great thing about using a slim bound notebook with your Filofax is that you can remove it and use it separately, so that when you are going out with just a small handbag, you can slip it in and always have something to write notes on, even when you don't have your Filofax with you!

My Notebook Refills are made from black card, plain paper - choose from plain white or pastel-coloured. They are hand-sewn with cotton down the centre. Each page is measured and trimmed separately with a paper-trimmer to ensure as much precision as possible - yes I trim each sheet one by one! Such love :) I find it therapeutic. They have 32 pages, and I include free surprise sample products with each order. Prices start from only £3.50 and you can save on P&P when you order more than one at the same time, so stock up.

I will be making more hand-sewn notebooks soon to add to my Etsy shop, so your feedback would be really. It would be good to know if you would prefer different cover-designs to the plain black card. If people would be more interested in using hand-sewn notebooks to fit other sized Filofaxes. If you would prefer and be prepared to pay more for punctured pages that are easier to rip out, or sections and pockets to give the notebook a scrapbook/travelling journal feel. Or any other ideas you might have to make these notebooks more useful to a Filofax or a Midori user. 

Thanks so much for your support!
Zara M.

NB: I am no longer selling these notebook refills, but I do want to start designing a range of Traveler's Noetbook Refills again soon, so subscribe to Filofancy to keep updated.

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