The Filofax Faces Challenge

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Introducing the lovely blue Pennybridge zipped Filofax... and my handsome boyfriend!

About the Filofax Faces Challenge

I was invited by Filofax to take part in a Filofax Bloggers' Challenge. I would receive a brand new Filofax from the new spring collection to photograph and enter as part of the online Filofax Facebook 'Like' contest. The pictures with the most likes will win 6 organisers for the photographer, and two runners up will receive 3 to give away on their blogs.

My interpretation of the Challenge

I decided to use the opportunity to allow my boyfriend to bond with my new Pennybridge Filofax on a Filofax Photo-walk around the local area. He has never quite understood my fascination with these organisers, and so I hoped that taking part in my creative project would soften his judgments, as we both love photography. I figured that as the Pennybridge we were using was blue and not too feminine, that he wouldn't be overly resistant to join in. Much to my delight he even coordinated his clothes for the shoot. Result!

We wandered around on the streets looking for interesting ways in which to shoot my boyfriend with the Pennybridge Filofax. We found a rather attractive red front door with peeling paint, so I sat him down in front of it.

Help Filofancy to win FREE Filofaxes to give away to readers...

We also found some wonderfully broken down wooden fencing, with even more peeling paint. So I got him to stand in front of that too!

And another wall with, yes, more peeling paint..

Verdict: Is my boyfriend a converted Filofax Fan?

Not really, no. But at least now I have a nice little collection of pictures in which I have both a Filofax and a handsome man to ogle!

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Thanks for all of your support - and thank you to my wonderful and supportive boyfriend for modelling!

Zara M.


  1. Those turned out very nicely, especially the ones on the steps! Your boyfriend is a good sport :)

    1. Thank you Kate :) I think they're pretty good too. Philip is great, hehe :)

  2. I love that the outfit coordinates with it. You guys did a wonderful job.

    1. Hehe, I know, he was very supportive, and it was lots of fun :)

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