Filofax Set up - The Original (personal, patent fuchsia)

Just want to walk you through my current Filofax set-up. I am using the Filofax Original in personal size, patent fuchsia.

I really do like this filofax - I love the outside design, the colour, the leather, and how it feels when I am holding it - but there are a number of features I do not approve of, and if you are interested to know what they are you can WATCH MY OTHER VLOG, but I must warn you it is a bit of a rant.

I tried to balance the negativity with another, more positive review, where I shared some of my attempted solutions. You can VIEW IT HERE.

So this is just a simple walk through, for those of you who may have watched those videos and are more interested in my set-up, and having a nose at what I've actually got in there. I have only just started to use the planner, so you can expect more videos as it develops.

Thanks for watching! Thumbs up & Subscribe if you enjoyed :)

Zara M.

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