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Good Grief where does the time fly? Three years ago I wrote a "Welcome Back" Blog Post after having disappeared away from the Planner Online Community for a while, and then no sooner had I popped up I promptly disappeared again!

Where Did I Go?

I didn't mean to show my face and flit off like that, but life went horribly wrong for me, and the last thing I could think of doing was waffling on about paper. Now suddenly I realise that three whole years has passed by since I wrote that post, in what seems like a flip of the page!

Back For Good?

Happily I find my humble blog to still be here, and to still be enjoying a steady trickle of page views, despite my content being pretty outdated now. So I want to pick up where I left off, because I had this marvellous plan to transform my blog into something special, something inspiring and uplifting, something relevant, and something that I hope people can relate to. 

I think I am finally in a place where I have experienced enough of life to reflect upon it and think about what life is really about, to me at least. And perhaps because of that I have something of more value to offer now.

The Planner Paradox

In the post I have linked to above I talked about feeling more and more overwhelmed as the planner community was growing online. There were more videos, more blogs, more people parading their latest purchases and showing off decorated planner spreads. Not to mention more planners on the market - all different colours and sizes, different systems and different add-on products to explore. 

The planner addiction, and indeed The Planner Paradox as I like to put it, for many is a very real thing. I expressed in my previous post that I found it difficult to grasp and keep hold of the true essence and point of having a planner or a journal, because I was so distracted by the sheer volume of content being created by other people. I felt confused about what I wanted from my own planner and journal.

The emphasis you see, had shifted to me attempting to bring my planner to life, rather than using my planner to help me to bring my life to life.

The Social Media Effect

To be honest it felt very much like social media had done to planners what it has done to human identity and the "Individual". With Facebook, Instagram and Youtube we get to design and create an identity for ourselves, tweaking our self-image just the way we want to, until we are ready to present the final product to the world for our fans to view, and perhaps even believe. 

In a similar way I felt that planners were like the young faces of those make-up vloggers - prettified and perfect, despite already being pretty and perfect underneath in my opinion, with a personality created for the camera and not for real life. 

Suddenly I had found myself with these pretty planners on my desk, made to look the way they did because I had been influenced by the vloggers and social media. But I was finding that I couldn't connect with or use any of them. I was caught up in this craze, I had the planner-addict bug, but these products were useless  as tools of self-expression because they didn't really represent me

My planners had become mere clones of other people's planners. It made me shiver to wonder if there were other people out there who had planners that looked just like mine inside because we watch the same vloggers. Kind of creepy, don't you think?

What I Want For My Blog Now

I still love planners and notebooks of course, don't worry I'm not suggesting we throw them all on a bonfire and dance topless around it. I have a few that I like to use, and I will still enjoy posting set-up updates about them, reviews and indulging in a little retail therapy now and then. And I certainly have nothing against those of you who still love to collect planners and make the insides pretty just like all of your favourites on social media. We all have our little pleasures in life. 

These days I am more interested and focussed on living my life and experiencing it instead of getting caught up in the material objects that have filled the holes in my life in the past, and that is what I want my main message to be. I hope that my new content will inspire and entertain you and add to your enjoyment of planning, journalling, note-booking, and indeed living.

The New Focus

How do we live our lives? How do we find happiness and fulfilment in the everyday? How do the things we own contribute and function in our lives to provide enjoyment, but also to help motivate, inspire and organise us so that we can live our lives well and be happy? 

How does my Blog, and my Instagram account, and my Youtube channel connect me to real people like you, who share my interests, and who may want to learn or be inspired by my ideas and the content I want to create, to lead a life that is more true to you?

Life isn't easy on us, it throws all sorts of challenges our way, and as time flies by you realise that it's the little things that count, and that happiness can be found in simplicity. I value my home, my family, my pets, my health, the belongings I place importance in... But most of all I value my life. 

I am a writer and an artist at heart, and so Life on Paper is my way of expressing my experience of  the joys of life through the forms of expression I am most comfortable with - words and drawings. You will like my content if you love to journal your thoughts and reflect on your life, and if you enjoy exploring themes such as Minimalism, Planning & Organisation. I want to explore a wide variety of topics, not just limited to planning or journalling, but extending to healthy lifestyle, creativity, self expression and more.

Thank You For Your Support

If you would like to see more of my content please leave your thoughts on this post below and subscribe to the blog to keep updated on new posts - I promise I won't leave it so long this time. 

You can find me on Instagram @zara.m.lifeonpaper - it is a new account so please show it some love. I am also reviving my Youtube channel, so those of you who may have enjoyed my planner videos back when I was known as Filofancy (so many years ago now, I look so young in them) can continue to follow me, and look forward to enjoying new videos on all of the topics and ideas expressed in this post and more. Subscribe to the channel HERE.

Looking forward to reading your comments below!

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