Thoughts About My Camel Midori Traveler's Notebook on a Sunday Afternoon

It is a beautiful Sunday, windy but with a blue sky and sunshine. I have walked the dog, played with the cat, and now I am about to sit down with a large mug of Twinings Hot Chocolate, and write in my journals.

I purchased the Midori Traveler's Notebook in Camel not very long ago from The Journal Shop which is my one-stop shop for my TN Inserts and Notebook Refills. My first TN was the original Midori in Black (reg), I then purchased the original Midori in brown because I wanted to see more "wear & tear" as I used it. The scuffs on the black one come up as a cool grey, whereas the scuffs on the brown give the leather a warmer appearance which I like. The brown is my favourite and I love it to bits, I have had it for four years now. But I have always been tempted by the sunny camel. 

The camel wasn't available for a while, so when it finally came into stock I didn't think twice. But alas I was disappointed. I knew that it would be brand new and I was prepared for it to take some time to gain it's character, but after using it for a while the only changes I was seeing in it was that it was beginning to look more and more grubby. At the time I was using it as a sketchbook and I was worried that that the graphite from my g=fingers was rubbing off and affecting the colour of the leather.  So I put it away and didn't use it for ages. 

A few weeks ago I brought it out again and I have been handling it every day (you know, taking it to bed with me, that sort of thing). I was determined to get rid of the "suede" feel that it has, which I am also not keen on. Sure enough, the leather has begun to mature quite suddenly, and I have realised that it is not dirty, the leather is simply beginning to darken, and the warm hues are making their way through in the scuffs. The oils from my hands are also helping to wear in the "suede" feel, and I can see and feel the leather becoming more like my brown which has a beautiful oily sheen to it.

I have decided that my camel needs a purpose, so that I can use it on a daily basis, and enjoy experiencing the leather age with me like my brown has done.

My brown is my "Everything book". I have my journal for daily thoughts and reflections, and my planner/diary which I use for both personal life and work. I use my black one as as a sketchbook now because I am not worried about the graphite I use affecting the colour of the leather from my dirty fingers. But I am a little bit stumped about the camel. 

I've cut down a few notebooks, and I'm thinking of just going with the flow. When I was young and at school I used to have something that was called a "smash book". It was a bit of an "anything goes" notebook, a haphazard mix of things from doodles to poems, notes & quotes, a little bit of scrapbooking here and there. It was basically an expression of who I was at the time, or what I wanted to think of myself as. Perhaps my camel could be a grown-up version of that?

I imagine I'll fill it will recipes, ideas, clippings, pressed flowers, to-do lists full of things I am never going to do. It will just be a very fun and personal space, a place with no rules. Yes, I quite like that. It's also the sort of thing I can photograph the hell out of  for Instagram posts, and not have to worry about hiding things I don't want people to read. Perfect.

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