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Filofax The Garden Collection

It has to be said, I really am a "Crazy Plant Lady". I live in a one-room studio flat in London and I have more than 50 houseplants. No exaggeration. In fact, the two things I am looking forward to most are the end of lockdown and the growing season, so that I can go to my favourite garden centres and buy more plants. 

Actually, my plant obsession is far worse than my Filofax obsession. I know, it's blasphemous to say that on here. What am I doing running a planner blog? I should be writing about monstera deliciosas, fertilizer, and terracotta vs. plastic pots.

You can imagine my delight when I first laid my eyes on The Garden Collection by Filofax. I WANT! ...was my first instinct, which I suspect was the brand's main aim when designing this attractive collection. I resisted the indulgence though, because I have learned over the years that I am a one-planner girl, and despite trying a few out, pretty planners aren't really my thing. 

However... that doesn't mean I don't want to gush about this new collection, because it is gorgeous. I have lots to say about it, so keep reading.

Filofax Garden Planners With Inverted Designs!

Filofax Garden Collection Planners

I really like the fact that Filofax is offering two versions of this planner with almost inverted designs. I can see that many planner people today love variety, and it is common to swap in and out of planners to suit the mood or season like we do with clothes!

I don't do this myself (with clothes or planners) because I'm boring and I get sentimental about the planner and system that works best for me. The customers of today though don't seem to be precious about sticking to a single identity, and Filofax has been cashing in on this fact for a while now. They come out with a variety of fun designs sporadically that are not only seasonal but also very affordable, making it even easier for planner addicts to satisfy their addictions and grow their collections. Hats off to Filofax!

I think that the inverted designs that Filofax has gone for in this collection are great. My favourite is the dark green one because it feels more "planty" to me and the pink interior is a pretty contrast. The alternative design has a lovely spring feel to it, which I think will appeal to lots of you as the weather continues to get milder and the sun begins to shine. Which is your favourite and why? Tell me in the comments below!

Filofax Are Now Doing More Themed Accessories!

Filofax Garden Collection Accessories

This might be the thing I like most about the new collections that Filofax is bringing out at the moment. In fact, I am surprised that Filofax hasn't latched onto this sooner... Stickers, washi tape, sticky notes, matching pens, cute dividers, and stencils... and the zipped pen case is spot on! This is what the planner world today is really about - It is what's inside of our planners and how we use them that counts the most. You guys want functional planner supplies that are as attractive as your actual planner. Am I right? 

I remember a time when the online planner community made a shift from being just functional to also being decorative and a means of self-expression and creativity. Suddenly I was seeing decorated planner spreads, featuring heavily with stickers and washi tape. I have noticed that the trend is edging towards minimalist and more coordinated designs now. The collections that Filofax are coming out with appeal to our need to be more organised in a visual way due to the chaotic nature of our lives, whilst still enjoying some creativity and self-expression.

We have had to embrace a new way of doing and thinking about things due to all of the restrictions of pandemic life. There has been a stronger focus on the home with new work-from-home set-ups, online businesses and homeschooling during lockdowns. For many of us having a planner system that we want to use makes us feel positive and less overwhelmed as we can see what needs to be done without too much distraction. All of this is becoming more and more important.

My Conclusion

I hope that Filofax continue to build on their accessories and planning supplies. You can see how much the brand's identity is changing with many of their new products becoming more and more accessible to people due to the variety of designs and products, not to mention the lower prices. Filofax seems to be maintaining the quality of their products too which is great.

It has been nice to see them targeting a much younger audience, particularly those still in education, with the notebook ranges and customizable clipbooks. I just hope that those of us who prefer a more traditional and classic look and approach to planning, and especially men who enjoy using planners, don't get left behind. The look and feel of the Filofax website these days are certainly leaning far more towards the younger and feminine side, that's for sure.

Will I be treating myself to anything from The Garden Collection? Well, I might be tempted to make a few naughty purchases when I get some money through, I'm pretty broke at the moment. The garden-themed zipped pen case insert was what I was most attracted to. The washi tapes and pen are cute too. Filofax, if you are reading this, feel free to get in touch to send freebies for reviewing - I use an A5 Filofax planner!

And the last word for my readers - Don't forget to comment below if you enjoyed reading this, and share your own impressions of The Garden Collection and similar collections that have followed. Would you like to read a post on those? Let me know what your ideas are on what my next post should be about!

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