Filofax & Moleskine - The Perfect Marriage of Two Stationery Brands

I went completely overboard and spent the better part of twenty quid on a beautiful Moleskine Diary for my Filofax today.  (I also bought a Writing Magazine which brought the price up to twenty.)

When I arrived home, very excited, I watched intently as my four year old niece ate her dinner, and then I took her to bed and speedily read her two short stories before making myself a nice cup of tea and settling down to unwrap my new Moleskine.

To my utter disappointment I discovered that the diary doesn't actually start until the beginning of July - That is two whole months away!  What am I supposed to do for two whole months?  Carry on using my current A5 Filofax diary inserts I suppose.  I am most put out.  Today is National Stationery and the one piece of stationery I bought is of no use to me for two months.  Grrrr.

I do love how it fits so perfectly into my A5 Chameleon Filofax though.  There's something quite satisfying about filling up a bound leather diary, it doesn't compare to loose Filofax insert sheets.  I like to see the pages get all marled, and I like to fold corners and rough it up until it looks and feels thoroughly used. Bound books seem to have this effect on me.  It's the same with novels, I love to break the spines and fold down page corners and see the pages warp from the steam of a hot bath.

For some reason I almost feel afraid to touch my new Filofax inserts.  I want everything in my Filofax to be used perfectly because it is an organiser and I have to keep it organised!  It might have something to do with the fact that the inserts are so expensive too.  My A5 Filofax feels like the 'final draft' of a diary, so basically I have been using an A4 refill pad to jot down all of my notes everyday, and then I copy down the most useful notes neatly and in the right place into my Filofax.  It's all a bit weird, isn't it?

I love the fact that Moleskine also do a selection of 'Passions Journals'.  I bought one recently for my sister because we are about to embark on an online cooking project and blog together.  I think I have decided that I may need to purchase one for myself too.  And because they fit so perfectly into the A5 sized Filofaxes I may also have to think about which A5 Filofax I want next, to organise my cooking project. Any excuse to expand the collection.

You know, it's almost as if Moleskine and Filofax were made to fit together - like a complimentary marriage of two luxury stationery brands.  Beautiful.