Filofax Set up - The Original (personal, patent fuchsia)

Just want to walk you through my current Filofax set-up. I am using the Filofax Original in personal size, patent fuchsia.


I really do like this filofax - I love the outside design, the colour, the leather, and how it feels when I am holding it - but there are a number of features I do not approve of, and if you are interested to know what they are you can WATCH MY OTHER VLOG, but I must warn you it is a bit of a rant.

I tried to balance the negativity with another, more positive review, where I shared some of my attempted solutions. You can VIEW IT HERE.

So this is just a simple walkthrough, for those of you who may have watched those videos and are more interested in my set-up, and having a nose at what I've actually got in there. I have only just started to use the planner, so you can expect more videos as it develops.

Thanks for watching.

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Follow-up Video | Filofax Original Personal Gripes & Solutions

After getting my rant out about the Filofax Originals in MY LAST VIDEO, I have come back with a more positive outlook and would like to share some of the solutions I have been thinking about.

Please feel free to leave your comments below, I always reply to each comment personally, and love to hear your thoughts! In particular, I am interested at the moment in YOUR personal gripes about your current Filofax. Looking forward to hearing from you!

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Filofancy Rant - Filofax Original (Patent Fuchsia, Personal Size)

Apologies in advance for the ranting tone of this video, but I do feel it is always important, to be honest in a review.


Note: I am sticking with this Filofax for a while, despite it's shortcomings. I am sure I will find a way to love its flaws...

For a more detailed look at how I am currently using this Filofax, I HAVE POSTED A BLOG with lots of pictures of my setup :) Enjoy!

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New Project - New Filofax Organiser!

I think the start of a new project is always the perfect excuse to experiment with a new Filofax!

My Filofax, The Original, in Patent Fuchsia

I have had this Filofax for a while but I only used it initially for about a month. The truth is that I have been struggling to appreciate all of my Filofaxes since discovering the Midori Traveler's Notebook. There is just something about Midori's simple design and the raw nature of the leather that I find really appealing. I fell utterly in love with my Midori, and Filofaxes just haven't seemed to live up to any of my expectations since.

However, I do feel that Filofaxes are more practical when it comes to real project planning because of the rings, which is why I have decided to move into one now. Yes, I have an exciting project in the works :)

I also have the Filofax original in patent purple and matt brown. I spent a ridiculous amount of time trying to figure out which one I liked the best so that I could sell the other two on Ebay. (That means I spent a few weeks posing in front of mirrors to see how each of the Filofaxes made me look and feel.) Normally I'd have gone straight for the brown because I'm a classic kinda gal, but alas the brown leather of the Filofax Original was no comparison to my Midori Notebook, whose leather has utterly spoilt me. I wasn't much into the purple one, but the pink was fun and exciting - I wanted to be fun and exciting! I'm not normally one for pink, but this is a darker shade of pink and I think the black/charcoal leather interior helps to give it a cool edgy feel, rather than being too girly.

So I have decided to go with this one to help me plan my new business Opulent Mutts. I was going to use my A5 Aqua Chameleon for the extra space, but I'm not as enamoured with that one as I used to be, plus it's quite bulky and weighty. I think it's important to be as excited about the Filofax as I am about my new business.

Filofax Personalisation

I know that a lot of people like to fill their Filofaxes with lots of pretty things - In fact, I felt quite overwhelmed when I was browsing Youtube earlier to see just how amazing some women's Filofaxes have grown to be! (I've been out of touch with the Filofax community now for about a year since my interest in the product was affected.) I used to get quite into decorating Filofaxes, but I grew out of it when I settled into using my Midori Traveler's Notebook, which has made me a lot more laid back about presentation.

I do envy some of the people whose Filofaxes are decorated so beautifully, but I just don't think I'm that kind of girl anymore. So I am going for a more simple (boring) interior design. Actually I haven't thought too much about it yet, but that's okay because I will be able to post again and show you how and if my Filofax system has developed in any way over time.

For now though, all I have in there are a few business cards stuck onto a sheet of paper, mainly just because they are related to the new project and inspire me - I do Pet Portraits

I also have a silver 'Z' bookmark at the front which I will probably use to clip in notes that need my immediate attention. It is a very old bookmark that I got from Waterstones many years ago - I think they still do them.

More about my Current Filofax Setup...

I'm not bothering with dividers. I'm not really into those. I feel they take up too much space and I always end up ignoring the sections and being more disorganised than if I didn't have them at all, which is just one of those odd things. Instead I use little silver bookmarks, also from Waterstones. At the moment they are not marking anything in particular so I have slid them onto the elastic at the front. Instead I am using two Filofax clear rulers as dividers. The first is to mark where I am in my diary, and the second is to mark where my blank, lined and squared paper is.

The diary is homemade. I am just drawing each month in as I go - with a week on one page and then a blank page on the opposite side. 

Basically, the idea is to use this as a way of recording all of the work I doing towards my dog magazine by writing each task I complete in the appropriate day so that I can go back and reassure myself that I am in fact being productive. The blank page is there for me to reflect on the week just past and the week ahead. I'll also add to-do lists and other bits of paper and whatnot so that I can plan my work as I go. 

I used this system before in my A5 and found it a really great way to keep tabs on everything I was doing towards my freelance writing. Sometimes when you are self employed and a lot of your work doesn't necessarily involve physical or immediate monetary results, you can feel like you aren't getting anywhere. If you can go back and actually see what you have done then you can better evaluate your progress.

Oh yes - I've also popped a little envelope at the back for any receipts - very important for self employed people like myself :)

And that's it really. Obviously, I am sure that the Filofax system I'm using will develop the more I get into it, and I will try to keep you updated with videos and blogs. If you're interested to know more about my Midori Traveler's Notebook and how I use it, a good place to start might be HERE.

I have just created a bit of a rant video on my Youtube channel about the Filofax Original I am using actually, because there are many things that irritate me about it, which I will have to work through as I am using it. If you're interested in hearing a very honest and passionate Filofax Original Review, take a look! Despite there being many things about this Filofax that annoy me, there is still something about it that I very much like! I wish I could re-design it.

What are your thoughts of Filofax Originals? Do you have any pet hates about your current Filofax? What would you change?

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