A Review Of The Original Personal Organiser In Charcoal | Filofax Centennial Collection

I'm so glad I don't work in retail anymore. You know how there is always that one customer who is appalled by everything, rants and raves, insists on speaking with a manager, but ends up leaving all smiles and full of praise after being sucked up to and given a gift bag full of consolation goodies for the so-called trauma the store has put them through? Well, I feel like that customer might have been me this week...

A Lovely Experience With Filofax UK Online Customer Services

I would just like to say that Filofax offers an awesome online customer service experience here in the UK, I can't criticise it in any way. 

The lady dealing with my complaints has been extremely professional and efficient, despite my initial email being charged with perhaps a little more emotion than was necessary - I don't take disappointment well, and I did feel a bit like a child who had received her toys from Santa without batteries. Essentially I was resentful that I'd have to send my birthday present back.

The customer service lady offered me suitable solutions though, kept me updated every step of the way, and within two days I had my replacement Filofax and a 20% discount refunded to my Paypal account for the inconvenience of having to return the faulty one. 

I have also been assured that a matching charcoal keyring from the Centennial Collection is on its way to me as further compensation, which I appreciated. Small gestures can be surprisingly effective in helping to heal wounded expectations and repair the brand-customer relationship. So thank you very much for that experience to the lady from Filofax.

Disappointed By A Faulty Centennial Filofax

Having commended Filofax for its customer service doesn't change the fact that I had to contact them in the first place though. 

If you have read my previous blog post you will know that I shared my initial impressions of The Centennial Collection, which were quite critical. I was confused by the design choices made for The Centennial Collection, and I felt that as a celebration of Filofax's 100 Year Anniversary, the collection fell short of my personal expectations. So as you can imagine, it was all the more disappointing when I purchased the limited edition Filofax for my birthday, it arrived, and I had to send it straight back because it was faulty.

I was nervous as soon as the parcel came to my door because of the choice of packaging. The sad-looking "padded" brown envelope (it was a little flat) had come unstuck and was open at one end. Inside the envelope, the corner of the black outer box had been crushed slightly due to the lack of padding. Luckily this hadn't affected the hard presentation box inside, and the Filofax itself was still well protected. 

I think that the choice of packaging was flippant, especially for an expensive limited edition product, and I certainly wouldn't have been happy if the presentation box had arrived damaged, even if only a little, because I intend to keep and use the presentation box. Who doesn't love a decent box? (The replacement Filofax was sent in a proper brown cardboard box packaging with much more protection, so that was good).

Needless to say, my fears were not over. My Filofax, edition #454 was indeed faulty. I couldn't believe it. And what's worse was that the main feature, that had attracted me to begin with, and led to my purchase of the Filofax, was the very thing that was faulty. Can you guess what it was? Yes, the beautiful gold rings, every single one of them, had gaps! I could stick my fingernail through the gaps. 

I felt pretty let down. I knew, obviously, that I would readily be issued a replacement if I contacted the customer service team, but that wasn't the point. This was my birthday present, it was a limited edition Filofax, and its main feature is the gold rings. How could this have happened? Am I naive to think that there is a dedicated team at Filofax that conducts quality checks before popping the finished product into the box? Or is it all machines, robots, and conveyor belts these days?

To top it off there was a further fault. I noticed that the strap was attached to the back of the Filofax at a slight angle. This meant that when I closed the Filofax it seemed to me like the top was closed a bit tighter than the bottom, resulting in some flaring of the cover and a sense of the planner being uneven when closed. 

I did take a picture, but I'm not 100% convinced that I wasn't being totally paranoid or crazy. After seeing the glaring gaps in the rings I may have inspected the rest of the Filofax to within an inch of its life. Maybe I wouldn't have noticed the wonky strap if it hadn't have been for the faulty rings.

Despite all of the drama, I am now very happy though. Well, I am happy as I can be after my week of Filofax ranting. I should be careful, I'll get a name for myself as Filofancy The Furious! Is it bad that I was annoyed when my replacement Filofax arrived without the complimentary keyring? It's not like I am particularly excited by the keyring. I didn't purchase one after all. But after being offered the free gift, I jolly well want it now. Free gifts do funny things to people. Be patient Zara, It's coming.

I have the replacement Filofax in my possession and it appears to be in perfect condition. So now I can get on with my review...

My Updated Thoughts On The Centennial Filofax

As promised, now that I have held the Filofax in my hands, thoroughly inspected it from all angles, posed with it in the mirror, and introduced it to my other Filofaxes, here are my updated thoughts on the Centennial Filofax...

Putting my thoughts about the collection as a whole and its significance (or lack of) as a celebration of Filofax's 100 Year Anniversary aside, I do actually rather like it. I mean, it doesn't rock my world, but I do like it. I'm glad I chose the charcoal, personal-sized option. The colour is very smart, and the bigger rings make it feel more substantial, yet strangely compact at the same time. If anyone can explain that contradiction to me I'd be grateful, it's a bit weird, but it is what it is. It is very pleasing to hold in the hand, and it lays completely flat on the table when opened up.

I was initially concerned that the "golden" stitching would make the Filofax look garish, or that the contrast of gold thread against the darker charcoal leather would cause any unevenness in the stitching to be more noticeable. I can honestly say that I don't have a problem with the stitching at all. The stitching isn't perfect, but it doesn't bother me as much as thought it might. The colour is completely inoffensive. In fact, I don't even know if I'd describe it as "gold". It's a golden-yellow shade that I find complements the charcoal well. I was also worried that the charcoal might be either too dark or too blue, but it is a lovely shade of grey that I think sets off the gold popper on the strap beautifully. I feel like it's kind of an unusual shade of grey actually. It has a dusky vibe to it that I like a lot.

This isn't a Filofax that I look at and think WOW, I love it so much, I could never part with it. I think it would have to be made of a particularly lovely leather for me to fall head over heels in love. It will be interested to see how it ages. The Charcoal Original definitely suits my current mood and style though, which is why I think I was attracted to it at this moment in time. I'm glad I have it. I like the fact that its simplicity means that I have the choice to glam it up with accessories if I'm feeling special, or keep things cool and neutral, letting the charcoal and gold accents speak for themselves. 

I think that this is the kind of planner that serves as a bit of a blank canvas for you to put your own spin on it. I have had a strong feeling that it's going to work well with the colours and themes I'm into at the moment. In my flat I have a very large window with grey curtains and many hanging plants, I find the combination of grey and green to be very calming. So I am looking forward to filling the Filofax up with elements of nature. The gold rings are really going to help bring it all together. I am excited to show you what I have come up with. Let me know if you would like to see a video.

Pros And Cons Of The Centennial Filofax

I do have one or two criticisms now that I have seen and handled the Filofax in person. Despite the bigger rings, the strap on the personal size is the same length as the personal-sized Originals with smaller rings. I guess this means that even though there is more capacity for inserts with the 30mm rings, the more you put into this Filofax the tighter it is going to be to close because the strap length may not be long enough to accommodate it. This will especially be the case if the pen loop is used. I don't know to what extent this is going to be a problem for me, or whether it is a problem at all until I have been using the Filofax for a while.

The other criticism I have is that the elastic pen loop on the personal-sized Centennial is actually quite a bit wider than on the normal Original. You can see from the picture below that it is 5mm wider, which makes it jut out from the side of the planner a bit, and because the stitching of the pen loop hasn't moved along, the wider pen loop will be looser and won't be suitable for slimmer pens without clips as they will slip out too easily. Although you might be able to squeeze two slimmer pens or pencils into the loop instead, but I imagine that is going to start causing problems when closeing the organiser.

The reason it has been designed this way is to accommodate for the wider rings pushing the paper inserts further out towards the edge of the Filofax, making less space for a pen to fit when the Filofax is closed. I think they should have moved the stitching along though so that the size of the pen loop stayed the same. The benefit of having a smaller elastic pen loop is that it can hold slim pens or pencils, and also stretch for thicker pens.

I have purchased The matching Centennial Pen. It fits and stays put in the loop due to the fact that it has a tight clip that grips onto the elastic. I guess we will just have to be more mindful of what kind of pen we want to live in the Filofax if any.

The main functional pro that I could think of about the Centennial Filofax is that it comes with minimal planner inserts, which are such an improvement, in my opinion. I have always hated the blue font on the Filofax inserts. The minimal inserts are really lovely and simple, like a blank canvas. Alas, it doesn't start until 2022, so I have to wait 4 months before I can use them. In case you haven't already noticed, I'm not a very patient person. I do prefer to design and draw out my own insert layouts though, so I may not even end up using the 2022 minimal diary.

I also quite like the fact that they have provided some plain white card dividers that can be easily customised or left plain. They are great to use as a template too, for anyone who wants to make their own dividers. I have a feeling that the tabs, despite being nice and slim, may get in the way of a pen if the pen loop is used, and because these dividers are cardboard, despite them being fairly sturdy, the tabs are likely to get bent or damaged. It will be interesting to see how long they hold up.

The ruler matches my Filofax because I have the charcoal planner. I think it is the same colour ruler for all three coloured Filofaxes. There is a very soft and flexible clear top-loading envelope, and of course, the jot pad at the back. The pen is a black rollerball pen. It writes very smoothly and doesn't bleed through the Filofax economy pack of paper, which is great because that is what I like to use in my Filofax. It's a nice weight. I only bought the pen because I wanted to celebrate my birthday with a matching gift set, otherwise, I wouldn't have bothered as I don't find it that attractive in itself. It's nice to have it though, as it is engraved on the gold pen hook with Filofax 100 Years, and it does look smart in the matching Filofax.

Oh yes, and I almost forgot about the free tote. It's quite a small bag but very well made. Some cloth totes are flimsy but this one is made of a thick canvas material that holds its shape well. The straps are fairly short but they fit over the shoulder nicely. I am finding that because it is black it picks up pet hairs easily. I'm not sure if I will use it outside often, but I am sure I will find a use for it inside the home, maybe in my wardrobe to keep my socks together.

*Update - I have now also received the Charoal Mini Filofax Keyring. Its rather cute, and I am actually really enjoying having the full set of matching Filofax, pen, and keyring! It's a fun novelty item that I wouldn't have normally bought for myself, so I am pleased to be given the opportunity to own one, with it being a free gift from Filofax for having to return the other organiser.

Would I Recommend The Centennial Collection?

I think that if you like the look of this collection then go for it, treat yourself. You already know what to expect from The Originals and it's not every day that Filofax releases a planner with gold rings. The Centennial Collection is not going to appeal to everyone of course, but I think that a lot of people are going to enjoy it because it was, in Filofax's words, "designed with today's users in mind". 

I just hope that other people don't have to experience the disappointment of having to return a faulty planner, because, for a limited edition, I just don't think that's acceptable. I would have liked to know what will happen to my poor #454 but I wasn't given any further information. There are only 750 of these being made so what happens to a limited edition when it is faulty? Does it get repaired and resold? Will it be saved until all the excitement is over and then resold at a discounted price? I now own #701 and the fate of #454 will remain unknown. 

I don't really have anything else to say about The Centennial Filofax, so I am going to wrap this post up. I will be back soon to show you how I have set my goodies up. In the meantime, let me know your thoughts on The Centennial Collection in the comments. Did you purchase something from the collection for yourself? If not, what would you have preferred to see in the collection? Has anyone else had any problems with their limited edition Filofax? Has anyone received a unique number?

Thanks for reading and commenting... feel free to share this post if you enjoyed it x

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Thank you, Zara M. | Filofancy, Life On Paper
Images & Illustrations by Zara M.

Happy 100 Year Anniversary Filofax!

Filofax's 100 Year Anniversary... I can't believe that Filofax is a century-old!

I have indeed placed an order for a personal-sized Filofax from the new Centennial Collection in the colour charcoal, along with the matching pen. I couldn't resist. But... and I feel a bit bad for saying this, is it just me, or was anyone else a little underwhelmed by The Centennial Collection? 

I love Filofax, and the collection itself is very pretty... but to mark 100 years? I couldn't help but feel a bit confused at how Filofax has chosen to commemorate the brand's 100 Year Anniversary. For such a significant milestone, I'm afraid to say, The Centennial Collection fell short of my expectations.

I'll tell you why, despite my criticisms, I decided to purchase the Filofax, but I want to focus primarily, in this post, on my thoughts about the collection as a whole. These are of course just my own thoughts, feelings and ideas, and I'd love to hear yours in the comments section below. Maybe for you, it was love at first sight? 

So let's have a closer look at it, shall we?

Filofax's Centennial Collection In A Nutshell

Essentially the Centennial Collection consists of The Original Filofax design in three new colours, with gold trimmings, matching pens, matching mini Filofax keyrings, a set of minimalist inserts, and stickers.

Filofax has played it safe by sticking to a simple and muted colour palette with the two pastel shades of "powder blue" and "blush", offering the "Charcoal" as a darker option, although still a soft and neutral one.

The design is exactly the same as The Original aside from the fact that it has been glammed up with gold stitching, a gold snap fastener, and slightly wider gold rings in the personal and A5 sizes.

My First Impressions Of The Centennial Collection By Filofax

When I first saw The Centennial Collection by Filofax my initial thought was -  Oh, not another "Original". 

The Filofax Originals are very beautiful, and the wide variety of colours are enticing, but I have always had mixed feelings about the structural design of the inside covers. I have never been able to get my head or heart around the inner elastic strap (although many people seem to like this), the position of the pen hoop, or the backless side-inserted card slots. I have also never been a fan of the jot pad that Filofax tucks away at the back of the Originals, particularly because they don't seem to offer refills on the website, which I find very strange. 

Many years ago I bought matching patent Fuchsia Original Filofaxes in both personal-size and A5. I was enamoured by the fantastic colour and fun shiny leather, but sadly I ended up reselling both of them in the end. I published two videos on the Filofancy Youtube channel at the time of purchasing, many years ago now, in which I ranted about the inside design, and then followed up with some of the solutions to my rants after feeling bad about whinging for a whole video! You can watch the first one here, and the second one here. They're a bit embarrassing. I then posted a hopeful setup video here before giving up completely and selling it on Ebay. I had to be true to myself in the end, and at the time The Original Filofax in patent fuchsia just wasn't for me.

I have managed to resist purchasing the "Original" again since then, despite the release of many attractive colours. So to see that Filofax has essentially recycled the design once more, with a few aesthetic upgrades, to be frank, was disappointing. I think this was more the case because I had expected something really special and unique to commemorate the Filofax 100 Year Anniversary. 100 years is a big deal, right?

Saying all of this, every time I look at pictures of The Centennial Collection, I warm to it more and more. I can't help but wonder though, if this is just because I have been brainwashed into thinking that anything in a muted or pastel colour, or with a minimalist feminine design is on-trend, highly desirable, and representative of the young, successful female I long to be? Filofax certainly knows their main customer, and I feel that perhaps The Centennial Collection has been designed solely with "her" in mind. Indeed, when introducing the collection on their social media platforms the announcement states; 

"The wait is over! Celebrate our 100-year anniversary with the Filofax Centennial Collection, a limited-edition capsule designed to pay homage to our rich brand history with today's users in mind."⠀

The fact that Filofax chose The Original as a representation of 100 years of both tradition and innovative design left me considering the direction we might see the brand continue to evolve in over the next decade. I am concerned that the brand's original customer is being marginalised with the majority of their marketing now being directed towards the younger and more "stylish" or fashionable female consumer, as is clear to see when browsing through the website.

Why I Found Filofax's Centennial Collection Disappointing

I can't help but wonder if Filofax must have excess "Original" blanks that they need to keep putting a new spin on in order to shift the overstock. This was my feeling when they seemed to randomly come out with the new "Planner Queen" editions, which I felt were unnecessary, and The Centennial Collection feels no different.

To be fair, the colour palette of The Centennial Collection is pretty, minimal and coherent. I do like it. There is nothing overtly offensive about it unless you are anti-pastel/anti-gold. The gold rings, popper, and stitching save the planners from being considered entirely too bland for a celebratory collection. For an occasion as significant as the 100th Anniversary, I just wish that there was more to it.

I thought that more attention could have been paid to the presentation/packaging and accessories to set the collection apart from the rest of the Originals, although the representatives of the brand didn't think so when they wrote this in one of their Instagram posts;

"We can't get enough of the Centennial Collection! Its packaging is as irresistible as the collection itself (...) Every organiser from the Filofax Centennial Collection has been carefully designed and it will arrive at your doorstep inside a deluxe black box with gold details."⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

The packaging of the planners consists of a plainly designed black box with barely-there gold-foil dots printed over it and the brand name and the "100 Years" logo printed in an understated manner in the centre of the box cover. Inside there is white paper, again printed in an understated manner with the gold dots, brand name, and the "100 Years" logo, and it is sealed over the planner with a gold circular sticker that says "Celebrating 100 Years". 

The presentation as a whole is simple, smart, and classy in an understated way. Alas, in context with the 100 Years Anniversary I am sad to say that for me it was unremarkable. For Filofax's 75th Anniversary they released a Special Edition boxed ‘Grace Scurr’ Filofax. The presentation box was made of wood, I believe with a blue velvet interior, and the planner was presented opened up fully and held in with a blue ribbon. 

In my opinion, something similar for the 100 Year Anniversary would have been a collector's piece to treasure. But instead, Filofax has decided not to market their Centennial Collection towards their collectors. Instead of designing a beautiful keepsake box, they are instead offering a free cloth tote when you make your purchase on the Filofax website. This struck me as a bit random, although, upon reflection, I suppose you could say it's a planet-friendly option, who doesn't love a cute reusable cloth tote? 

Are Other People Disappointed In Filofax's Centennial Collection?

Obviously, there are going to be loads of positive reviews and people who have fallen head over heels in love with the Centennial Collection, because it has indeed been designed to please the majority of today's modern consumers in the planner community. 

Alas, I feel like Filofax have really offered nothing new for collectors, or people who appreciate the history and tradition of the brand, to appreciate in this limited edition collection. Everything that is included in the collection feels like recycled ideas and gimmicks, from the design and vibe of the planner itself to the pens, stickers and keyrings. I feel that there should be at least something special and unique that stands out and makes the collection feel more like a limited edition and a proper celebration of 100 years of Filofax, and I am not the only one who thinks this.

I have been observing some of the responses to The Centennial Collection online, and it is clear that there are people who feel that Filofax has excluded its loyal older followers (in terms of time and not necessarily age), and many of its male customers, by creating a Centennial Collection that appeals to the "current customer", who may less likely be a customer who nurtures an appreciation or even awareness of the brand's history. 

This is such a shame as it is the loyal, older, traditional users and collectors who are genuinely interested in celebrating Filofax's 100 Year Anniversary, and not just interested in buying into the current trend. I am worried that this choice could signify the demise of the brand's historical and sentimental importance. Has Filofax become just another high street, disposable-fashion chameleon brand? What are your thoughts on this? Have you felt excluded from the party? Has it affected how you feel about your own loyalty to the brand moving forward?

There has also been some concern about the quality of the planners, with people noticing inconsistencies in the stitching from photographs and questioning whether the choice of thread is causing the problem. I am looking forward to receiving my Filofax so that I can tell you what I think. If anybody else has purchased a Filofax from the collection and has already received it, please let us know in the comments what you think about the quality of the stitching and gold thread!

Why I Decided To Purchase a Filofax From The Centennial Collection

I am feeling nervous about having spent more than £100 on a Filofax and matching pen, considering that I am not in love with them yet. Normally I wouldn't have even considered purchasing a Filofax that I hadn't been drooling over for weeks online. 

I am concerned that the interior structural design is going to bother me again. They haven't redesigned the interior layout after all, so I am curious to see if I have changed my mind about it. I am worried that I won't like the gold stitching and that the contrast of the gold against the dark charcoal leather may emphasise any inconsistencies and make the stitching appear uneven. It has also crossed my mind that Filofax may not have taken into consideration that the wider rings may need a long strap to fasten the planner together comfortably when it is full. I won't know until I see it in person.

Despite my fears, there were a few things that influenced me to throw caution to the wind and part with my money...

Firstly, it's the 100th Anniversary of Filofax! That fact has definitely given me rose-coloured glasses and I have found myself swimming in a pool of sentimentality. I think I just kind of wanted to be involved. I have always had a soft spot for the Filofax brand, even though I have struggled over the years to find "planner peace", and I have gone through many short-lived phases of being actively involved with the online Filofax and planner community. Sure I could just do a write-up on my blog to mark the occasion, but I wanted a little bit more; a collector's item to put on my shelf, even if I don't end up using it as my everyday planner, and even if it doesn't really live up to my expectations of a stunning collector's item.

The second factor to influence me is a big one... in a few weeks time, it will be my birthday! I have been on the lookout for something special to treat myself to, and the thought of having a brand new limited edition matching Filofax and pen pushed me towards the edge. I will be turning 38, and I'm not thrilled about it, so I guess you could say that my weakness got the better of me. It's all about the guilty pleasures these days. I am heading in the direction of my forties... have I basically been the victim of an expert marketing strategy that has sold me a product that will make me feel like the person I want to be... that young, successful female? Oh, dear.

But I'll be honest, the deciding factor for me going ahead and purchasing a Filofax that I'm not one hundred per cent sure I'm going to even like, was that Filofax states they offer "zero-hassle returns". So if I am not excited enough by the planner when it is in my hands, or any of my doubts have not been resolved, I can very easily return my order and receive a full refund. I definitely wouldn't have made the purchase otherwise, it would be far too expensive a  mistake. If I do end up returning it, I might consider swapping it for something else. 

Things I Do Like About The Centennial Collection

I have talked a lot about my reservations about The Centennial Collection, and my thoughts about this collection as a marker of 100 years have been quite critical, which I am feeling a bit guilty about that, because I like to be an advocate of the brand. But this is my personal blog and I also like to be honest. I do like the collection itself, as I have already expressed, and most of my complaints are related to it not living up to my expectations as a collection designed for Filofax's 100 Year Anniversary. 

I hope to be pleased with my Filofax and the matching pen when I get them. Sometimes you don't know whether you are truly going to like something until it is in front of you, right? I don't know if you remember the time, many years ago now when I was strolling around Paperchase and I stumbled upon a gem of a Filofax planner - The Chocolate Aston. Here is an extract from the blog post to jog your memory (or you can read the full post via the link above);
"I picked up this ordinary looking Aston Filofax and was immediately taken aback. It felt... right. Suddenly the rich dark chocolate colour was just so... me (...) It fitted into my palm so comfortably that I had to have a private moment with the Aston right then and there, whilst standing in the middle of Paperchase, with the Security Guard overlooking suspiciously, as my eyes rolled back and my fingers fondled the merchandise."

I don't know whether I am going to fall in love with a Filofax until I meet it face to face. True love often catches me off-guard. I am hoping that my experience of the Centennial Filofax will be a positive one once I have held it in my hands.

I quite liked all of the colour options, and I was tempted to go for one of the other colours, but I have been burned before by the temptation to "go girly" when I bought my first Filofax Original in patent Fuchsia. It was a stunning pink and I loved it to bits, but it never felt like me. I need things to be simple and not too distracting when it comes to my planner, otherwise, I end up spending hours trying to "style" the thing so that it feels right, rather than actually using it. I tend to be attracted to all things grey. There is something neutral, cool, and calming about different shades of grey. I just hope that this shade of grey isn't too blue.

I was also tempted to go for the pocket-size planner as I haven't had one for many years. The only pocket-size I have ever owned was my Pocket Guildford - here is a small extract from my very early post about it;

"I was fifteen. A girl in my class had one, she was a girl I respected and I wanted to be respected too. So I purchased my first planner... A Pocket Guildford Filofax."

I like to design and draw out my own inserts though and I use the economy packets of plain white paper that Filofax makes for the personal size, so I decided against the pocket and I went for the personal size instead. If I were to have a pocket planner I'd probably want to use it as a wallet so it would need to have more card slots, a zipped section for coins, and a long back pocket for notes, which my old Guildford had. It was the perfect wallet Filofax, why did I sell it? Has anyone else desperately wished they hadn't sold old Filofaxes? I had a beautiful wine coloured Holborn zipped personal Filofax that you just can't find now, I check Ebay all the time.

The thing I probably like most about the Centennial planners is the gold rings. If they didn't have gold rings I think I'd have gone for a plain matt black Original Filofax instead. Actually, if I decide to return my Centennial that will be one of the Filofaxes I consider swapping it for. I know it seems boring, but I love black. It's classic. The black Original has black stitching too, which I think I might prefer. I'll have to see the gold stitching in person to be sure.

Until my birthday present arrives though, we'll just have to wait and see. In the meantime, to round up this post, I have come up with some improvements I think could have been made to the Centennial Collection to help it stand out from the rest of the Originals and be more of a special edition! Obviously I am no product designer and my ideas are just humble ideas that appeal to me personally. So keep reading, let me know what you think, and if you have any suggestions of your own, share them in the comments at the end of the post.


5 Ideas To Make The Centennial Collection More Unique

  • Pattern Debossed Leather - I think that a patch or single panel of leather, probably on the corner or inside of the planner, that has been debossed with some kind of pattern, could have helped to elevate the design and make this edition of The Original feel more like a statement collection, marking the occasion with an extra bit of indulgence.
  • A Protective Cloth Pouch - A simple, but thoughtfully designed pouch or dust bag might have been appreciated by anyone who, like me, had considered purchasing one of the pale colours, but instead decided to settle for the darker one for fear of the leather being more easily marked. I know it comes with the free cloth tote, but a fitted pouch would have served this purpose well.
  • An Enamelled Pin Badge Or Planner Charm - Instead of offering more keyrings, a different kind of keepsake would have been more exciting. Pin badges are fun and it would have been the perfect opportunity to design something cute that people could wear or even pin to their free cloth tote to acknowledge the Filofax 100 Year Anniversary. Planner charms have also been really popular for some time now. I don't think we really needed another mini Filofax keyring, did we? They don't sell post-it refills for them either.
  • Inside Covers Redesign - It wouldn't have had to be a radical difference, but I think it would have been more interesting to see one or two alterations in the structural layout design of the inside covers, just enough to make us feel like we aren't simply purchasing another "Original". Personally, I'd prefer top-loading card slots, more than just two, and with backing inside so that I can use the pockets to store things other than cards without them disappearing into the large pocket behind. 
  • Unique Collector's Presentation Keepsake Box - I am the sort of person that will keep and reuse a beautiful presentation box, and I love it when products I buy come with really beautiful packaging, especially when it is to mark a special occasion or edition. I also think that a decent presentation box is essential in conveying the significance of a product such as an anniversary edition. It also makes the shopping experience all the more enjoyable and memorable. 

Well, that's all from me for now. If after I receive my charcoal Centennial Filofax I decide to keep it I will be back with some updates and you can find out if any of my opinions have changed. I might even shoot a little video showing my setup, so let me know if you'd like to see that. I haven't done a video in a really long time and I'm much more nervous and self-conscious about being on camera now that I am older, but it might be fun to do.

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Thank you, Zara M. | Filofancy, Life On Paper
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