Filofancy Rant - Filofax Original (Patent Fuchsia, Personal Size)

Apologies in advance for the ranting tone of this video, but I do feel it is always important to be honest in a review.

Note: I am sticking with this Filofax for a while, despite it's shortcomings. I am sure I will find a way to love it's flaws...

For a more detailed look at how I am currently using this Filofax, I HAVE POSTED A BLOG with lots of pictures of my setup :) Enjoy!


  1. Hi!
    The two slots on the back of the originals for the jot pad is so you can thread the back of the pad through the top slot and then poke the end of it back through the bottom slot to hold it securely in place. I agree about the elastic at the front though, I love how the originals look but that elastic drives me mad!

    1. Oh really? I'd never have guessed that. I wonder why mine didn't come with the jot pad posted through the bottom slit when I bought it then? That might have given me a clue. I wonder if many other people realised that? Maybe I'm just a bit slow, ha :) Thanks for letting me know though! I think the elastic in the originals is a bit of a mind boggle to most people... Which Original do you have? Is yours patent too? I was wondering if you have noticed a similar problem with any markings or colour transfer on the cover of yours? xx

    2. I think when they are being made it is easier/quicker to thread it through the top slot only, getting it back through the bottom slot can be fiddly.

      I have a fluoro pink and a yellow Original so not the patent ones but colour transfer is a problem, I put my yellow next to my pink apex filofax and it transferred some pink cross hatched markings onto the front cover :( I managed to get it off using a rubber, wet wipes and prayer! Now I'm extra careful with them, which is a shame because I knid of just want to use them and not have to worry or baby them.

    3. Yes, I think you're right Amanda. Sorry to hear you've had a bit of a colour transfer problem too. "I managed to get it off using a rubber, wet wipes and prayer!" - That made me laugh :) I know what you mean about not wanting to have to baby them. Some people keep their Filofaxes in a soft material pouch and put that in their bag. It's a nice idea, though a bit fiddly when you just want to grab it to jot something down. This is why I love my Midori traveler's Notebook, I don't mind the leather getting all scuffed up because it adds character. I wish Filofax would make a planner using natural untreated leather that ages with you, I think it would be so popular! Thanks for your comments xx


Thanks for your comments and getting involved! :)