Follow-up Video | Filofax Original Personal Gripes & Solutions

After getting my rant out about the Filofax Originals in MY LAST VIDEO, I have come back with a more positive outlook, and would like to share some of the solutions I have been thinking about...

Please feel free to leave your comments below, I always reply to each comment personally, and love to hear your thoughts! In particular, I am interested at the moment in YOUR personal gripes about your current Filofax. Looking forward to hearing from you!

Zara M.


  1. Not filo-related but your puppy is a scruffy bit of adorableness. Your positivity is inspiring!

    1. Hehe, thanks for your comments :) I do try to be positive when I can, and yes, Juniper is an utter scruffbug, love her to bits! You can watch her over on my other youtube channel, her action videos are fun :) xx


Thanks for your comments and getting involved! :)