Aston Filofax and Holborn Zipped - First Impressions


The Filofax Addiction Is Real...

I saw and held an Aston Filofax today. As a Filofax addict, I should have known better.

What happens when you can't decide between two gorgeous Filofaxes?  Well, if you're anything like me, you basically end up with two stunning new organisers, and a rather alarming dent in your virtual wallet.  I couldn't help myself.

I didn't purchase them both on a whim though.  No no... When you are deciding on your next Filofax, it is, of course, essential that you check every single review, blog post, and youtube video.

I exhausted them all, and a week later I came to the conclusion that if I didn't purchase both of these stunning planners, there would always be that - what if...?

It all started when I was browsing the Filofaxes in Paperchase on Tottenham Court Road - Not because I was looking for a new Filofax, but because I couldn't resist. I never can.

The Aston Filofax...

I picked up this ordinary looking Aston Filofax and was immediately taken aback. It felt... right. Suddenly the rich dark chocolate colour was just so... me.

The leather was soft against my fingertips, and ever so slightly cushioned. The graining was so subtle, and the stitching - Talk about elegant!

It fitted into my palm so comfortably that I had to have a private moment with the Aston right then and there, whilst standing in the middle of Paperchase, with the Security Guard overlooking suspiciously, as my eyes rolled back and my fingers fondled the merchandise.

When I opened the snap and looked down, I knew exactly what to expect - I held my breath, almost hoping it wouldn't be so... but it was. The Aston leather cover was totally flexible.  It bent right back onto itself like the cover of an old paperback book - Heart-wrenching perfection.

Now then, in the reviews, the Aston Filofax is often referred to as plain and lacking that certain je ne sais quoi; I assure you these people don't know what they are talking about!

I honestly don't know how anyone can hold this beauty in the palm of their hand and not experience the magic.  The Aston, in my opinion, is just so classy and sexy; but in an understated, elegant sort of way... a bit like me I suppose.  Dogs look like their owners, do Filofaxes?

The price tag brought me back down to earth though - Eighty quid?  Yikes.  Better think this through. Reluctantly, I returned my soul mate to the shelf and sheepishly walked away, past the freaked out Security Guard and out onto the sunny street.

My love encounter wasn't about to end there though.  It was when I pulled my stubby old 80s burgundy planner out on the bus to console myself (it has always worked in the past) that I knew it was over between us.  I craved the elegance and subtle beauty of the Aston like nothing you could possibly imagine.

So I spent a whole week scanning my laptop for reviews and pictures and deals. That's when I came across a youtube video that compared my beautiful Aston, with a Holborn Zipped. Suddenly I was very, very confused.

The Holborn Zipped...

I have never been a fan of the idea of a zipped Filofax.  Perhaps they remind me of those bulky zipped school pencil cases from back in the day. I was always more of a slim leather or tin pencil case kinda schoolgirl.

My opinions were challenged though when I watched greedily as an American woman ran her hands all over this Holborn zipped Filofax in a youtube video, whilst comparing it with my beloved Aston. I couldn't figure out the feeling I was experiencing at the time, but I know now - I was jealous.

Initially, it was the colour that attracted me. Not burgundy, but a beautiful classy wine colour.  Then it was the look of the buffalo leather.  Bear in mind that I had never handled buffalo leather before, but as soon as this American lady described it as "buttery", I knew I was intrigued.

The smooth leather caught the light in the video which totally enhanced the wine colour.  I think I watched this video five or six times in a row trying to imagine what it felt like to hold it in my hands.

When the woman started to reveal all the pockets and space there was inside, I realised I had a problem.  This Filofax was like a little clutch bag!  I am a woman okay?  The idea of a Filofax/clutch was too much... I had to have it! A woman can never have too many bags.  It wouldn't be like I was purchasing two Filofaxes... because obviously, that would be nuts; No, I was going to purchase an Aston Filofax, and a Holborn Clutch bag -  This is my story and I'm sticking to it!

So that's exactly what I did.

Thoughts and comments anyone?

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  1. Oh darn it. I have the mushroom and orchid astons and I agree, they are classy and elegant and I will happily adopt the theory that they must look like me. But I don't like zipped flios so I was never tempted. Until now. For reasons I can't explain. Get thee behind me!!

    1. Hi Helen, I know, isn't it strange - I honesty never fancied the zipped ones before but now the zipped Holborn is my favourite. I can literally stuff all sorts inside and I often slip my four-colour bic biro in loose and it just zips up nicely and keeps everything together...

      Then when I come to unzip it everything is laid out for me nicely like on a silver platter :) Love it. Might have to get a zipped A5 when the next paycheque comes in! Bad, bad Zara...


  2. I wish the aston had bigger rings, I think it's beautiful


    1. Hi Tracy,

      My Aston has about 2.5cm diameter rings which appears to be the same as my new zipped Holborn. Correct me if I'm wrong, but is this not the general size for personal sized organisers? I thought it was... What Filofax do you own? This may be an excuse for me to invest in another Personal... bigger rings, ooh goodie!

      I do agree with you though, because the leather of the Aston cover is so soft and flexible it could happily house wider rings - but then it might lose the slim elegance that I'm attracted to. I'm thinking it could look pretty sexy chunky and fat too though... I'm not sizeist :)


  3. Hi!

    As always, your posts are great, fun and gives me new ideas. I'm going to start refering to my zipped black Holborn (I gave in when I saw one in London last month) as a clutch, haha! That's the best enabling/justification I've read in ages.

    Could you make a video review of the two Filofaxes? :D *begs*


    1. Hi Yu,

      Great to hear from you again :) Don't worry I have lots and lots of new posts planned and I will be covering all angles of these gorgeous new additions.

      Another justification for me to buy more and more Filofaxes is that it means I have loads more to blog about :D


  4. I think it was Laurie from Plannerisms who compared the Aston and the Holborn.


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