I Found a New Zipper Pocket Insert for my Midori Traveler's Notebook!

Who needs the original Midori Traveler's Notebook zipper pocket refill when you can just go to your favourite stationery store and find exciting alternatives?

I think I got lucky though... I was browsing the sale section in the flagship Paperchase store in London the other day, and I came across these fabulous Traveler's Notebooks with plastic zipper pocket covers! I think I paid something like £3, can you believe it? Maybe I should go back and get more! Who wants one?

What's so great about them?

Well, they fit in my Midori Traveler's Notebook - of course! They're not a perfect fit, but it definitely works. The zipper pocket bit is slightly wider than the rest of the notebook so it sticks out the side of my Midori slightly, but that doesn't bother me, especially when I put the insert into the middle of my Midori so that it doesn't interfere with my pen loop which is stuck to the inside of the back leather cover.

The front inside-left has two long full-length slots and a cool card slot that flips out to the side. I suppose now that I think about it, you could actually use it like a page marker to mark where you are at in the notebook!

The back-right has the full length zipper pocket (see picture with ruler), and on the inside it has various card slots and sticky label slots, plus one full-length slot which I have shown with my ruler again.

The whole plastic cover can be used by itself or you can use it like a notebook cover protector. Unfortunately the Midori Traveler's Notebook Refills are ever so slightly too long height-wise to slip into the cover without the card warping, but only by about a millimetre; so you can just trim the refill cover and it will slip in easily. In all honesty though, you don't need to slip the refill covers into the actual plastic because the notebook is held in place with the Midori elastics anyway.

The cover is a clear and shiny plastic, which means it is fairly sturdy, not floppy, and it has a cloud pattern printed on it which I think is rather cute, and very discrete. This means that the colour or design on your refill notebook cover will show through! The notebook it comes with has mint green vertical stripes and then coloured stripes going across horizontally with an aeroplane design to show it is intended as a travel journal.

Here is a picture of my beloved brown Midori traveler's Notebook with the zipper pocket notebook inserted, and as you can see it does reveal itself a little bit at the side; but if like me, you like your Midori stuffed and groaning with goodies then you probably won't mind things sticking out at all!

I am currently using the inside front slots to house my favourite stickers for quick and easy access, and I will probably use the zipper pocket at the back to store loose bits of paper, receipts... you know, that sort of thing :)

NOTE: If you're interested in these STAR stickers, I get them from Paperchase. They come in a pack with several sheets, and they are very cheap.

If you love to ogle other people's Midori Traveler's Notebooks here are some old posts of my black Midori that you can browse through for pleasure. There are some lovely pictures! (Feel free to pinterest, but please make sure you link back to my blog, thank you.)


  1. Thank you so much for finding this - the Midori inserts are soooooo expensive, especially as you usually need to ship them in from abroad!

  2. Hiya!

    You are such an inspiring person and your blog is just amazing! Thank you for so many interesting posts.
    Thanks to you I've discovered about 8 month ago Flex by Filofax which I've found (shortly after reading your blog) in Pen Shop on Stansted Airport. I've bought A5 size purple colour on bargain price (paid around 18 pounds!) That was best ever Christmas gift for myself :) and I love it to the bits!!!! I am still working on it to find the best set up... It looks much better than at the beginning and helps me a lot with my never-ending :) adventure to be organized person.
    Thanks again and if you can answer one question: do you know if those Paperchase traveller's notebook with zipper pocket are still available in store where you bought it?(btw which London store it was?). I would like to have something like that but can't find it anything even similar on Paperchase website?

    Best regards


    1. Thanks Aga :) I'm glad you enjoy my blog,and that you're enjoying your Filofaxes too! Good luck with finding the perfect set-up for your purple A5. I'm not sure if Paperchase are still doing the traveler's notebook with zipper anymore, or anything similar. I bought mine in the flagship store on Tottenham Court Road, it was in the sale. I haven't come across anything else that is similar yet either, but if I do I will mention in in the blog. You can subscribe to Filofancy if you haven't already, to keep updated :)


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