Part 2 - 2013 Filofax Setup- My 'Notebook' Section

Welcome to Part 2 of my 2013 Filofax Setup! 

If you haven't read Part 1 yet you're missing out on the dashboard system I use for my personal-sized Filofax, and how I have integrated my Magenta Slimline Flex into my Personal Aston Filofax so that I can use them together.  

Now I'm going to look at what comes next in my new set-up... which is my 'Notebook' section! Every writer must have a 'Notebook' section in their Filofax, and I think it's quite important to make it a beautiful personalised space, instead of just chucking in a wad of loose blank paper inserts.  
Some of you might like to use your 'Notebook' section as a personal journal to jot down any personal thoughts that come to you throughout the day.  I think it's nice to have a dedicated space for this. When I open my 'Notebook' I consider it 'Me-time'.

I've personalised my Notebook section divider with some quotes that inspire me as a Writer. Filofaxes are all about transferring your personality into the organiser so that you feel at home and comfortable and want to spend lots of time there!  The more it reflects who you are, the more you are likely to use it to it's full potential.  You want your organiser to get to that stage where the paper has been thumbed so much it's started to crumple and crease, and the leather has softened and soaked up all of the oils and sweat from your hands.  That's when other people will look at your Filofax with envy and you will feel proud at how much your Filofax has grown :)

Behind the tab I have taped some secret paper pockets to hide loose notes in.  I love anything that's a bit mysterious. When I was younger I used to have a fascination with things like keys, and secret compartments in furniture, or loose floorboards where I could keep a secret stash of trinkets.  Perhaps that's why I'm so attracted to Filofaxes with all their pockets and sections.

If your Filofax is fairly straightforward and you don't have many pockets, you can get creative like I have.  Use envelopes, tape pages together and leave one side open to slip notes in. I like to write little notes to myself, or random ideas, and then fold them up and slip them into the secret pockets in my Filofax and forget about them. It's always such a delight to discover something months down the line that you had completely forgotten about. A bit like burying a little tin of treasures and then digging it up years later.

After these secret pockets I have a wad of lined and plain notepaper for my 'Notebook' section which is very handy and I am forever having to replace.  I write down my ideas and thoughts, and scribble all sorts of nonsense.

At the end of my 'Notebook' section I have a few sheets for jotting down useful websites, which I mark with a pretty bookmark from Paperchase for easy access.

Paperchase have a wonderful selection of quirky bookmarks and paperclips that are perfect for marking pages in your Filofax.  I actually prefer using random paperclips and bookmarks to organised tabs!  I don't know why. Perhaps it's because then I feel like my system is unique to me, and I'm the only one it works for.


  1. Your Filofax is lovely. Well organised, fun and chunky. Just the way I love them. You have some brilliant ideas too!!!


Thanks for your comments and getting involved! :)