Part 1 - 2013 Filofax Setup - Integrating my Flex and a Dashboard

To celebrate the beginning of 2013 and a fresh new start, I have decided to move into a different filofax.  

Sometimes a change is nice and refreshing, and I've been dying to break in my new Personal Aston for a while now. It's the yummy chocolate-coloured one! Read about how I discovered it here.

The first thing I did was de-clutter!  It is amazing the amount of junk you can accumulate within the pages of your everyday Filofax.  I decided to remove every sheet I haven't looked at in months, which meant removing half the tabs too.  I was brutal, and I only kept what was absolutely necessary.

Admittedly, looking at my new set-up, you wouldn't know that I spent hours de-cluttering - It still looks pleasingly packed!  We all love a nice fat Filofax, don't we?


I like to use my original Filofaxes and my Flex Filofaxes together (read more about that here!)  

So I am currently using my Personal Aston Filofax with my Magenta Slim Flex slipped into the inside pocket, so that the flex flaps open when I open up my Aston.  

Why? Well, firstly because the colours look so yummy together, and the magenta matches my pink pencil; colour coordination and accessories are what we gals live for, right?  Also, it just serves to give me more options...

For example, it's very convenient to slip in a Flex jot-pad and use the pockets to store bits and pieces. If you want to make use of all the pockets in the Flex, including all those card slots on the left-hand side; rather than slip the left-hand side of the Flex cover into the inside pocket of your Filofax, you can just keep the Flex stored at the back on the right-hand side of your Filofax, behind all your usual inserts.  It won't slip out because the pen-loop sort of keeps it in place.

As you can see, I have personalised my jot-pad with a newspaper cutting that says "Why Women Can't Resist a List" -  It sums me up to a T!  I tend to use the jot-pad for 'rip-out, screw-up and chuck-away lists' - Such as want lists, shopping lists, to-do lists...  Which reminds me, I need to buy more jot-pads!  They run out so quickly.  They are very useful though, especially when kept at the front of your Filofax. I find I use mine a lot more when it is at the front, than when it is at the back.

You can also use your flex as a portable sticker station. At the moment I buy specific stickers for my Personal Filofax which is my general organiser, and specific stickers for my A5 which is my business organiser, but it would be ideal if I had a portable sticker station that I could transfer to whichever Filofax I am taking out with me.  The Flex slimline is the perfect solution.

Other things you could use the Flex for... To store things like stamps and receipts... To hold extra notepads... I particularly like using the elastic pen insert to hold my Lime-green four-colour bic biro. In fact you can buy these separately on the Filofax Website and use them in your Filofax without a Flex.  Just slip then into the inside pocket, or alternatively hole punch the card and keep it in the rings!

The idea of using a Flex to accessorise your Filofax might seem a bit weird to you, but as you can see from my photos, the Filofax closes perfectly well with the Flex inside, so why not?  If you want to experiment with a slim magenta, you may want to purchase your Flex now though, because I think the First Editions won't be available for much longer... and I personally think the Magenta is very cute.

How I Use a 'DASHBOARD' For My Personal-sized Filofax

I have posted previously about how to create your own 'Dashboard' using card-slot inserts - FIND OUT HOW HERE - But I use a different system in my Personal-sized Filofax.  I have a 'Front Sheet' which is a pretty patterned insert sandwiched between two pieces of acetate and clipped together using silver bookmarkers I like to buy from Waterstones, and I slide in a longish sticky note pad which is kept secure using the bookmarks.  I can then use this to jot reminders or notes and move them into the areas of my organiser that they relate to.

Behind the 'Front Sheet' I can also stick loose notes into the book marks, or stick sticky notes on the acetate sheet opposite.

Read Part 2...

In Part 2 I will be talking about my Notebook Section.


  1. Have you done a blogpost on using your Personal Filofax for general and your A5 for business? I'd love to read it! I'm thinking about expanding into two myself.

    1. Hi! Thanks for your comment. No I don't believe I have done a post on the different ways I use my personal and business Filofaxes, it's a jolly good idea! I'm a bit irregular with my postings these day, but if you subscribe to the blog you'll know when I've written it :) Thanks for the inspiration x

  2. Where did you get the square paper clip?

    1. Hi, it's not a square paperclip, it's just the back side of my Waterstones "Z" Bookmark... You can see the "Z" in the other pics :)


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