Cool Ideas for Moleskine Postal Notebooks

Moleskine Notebooks
I love when I discover innovative little notebooks! 

Small pocket notebooks are always a tempting purchase, they sort of grab you by surprise. You never usually need yet another pocket notebook, but at the same time, another wouldn't hurt. When it has a quirky little feature - like transforming from a notebook into an envelope ready to seal and pop in the post - well, resistance is futile.

Why would you need a pocket notebook/ready-made envelope? Well who cares... don't you just want one? I like the yummy pastel shades. Plus the fact that it's Moleskine, and it's petite enough to slip into my Filofax, twists my arm.

Possible Uses for the Moleskine Postal Notebook...

Encouraging Children to Create Storybooks

I have a five year old niece, and I was in the habit of encouraging her to use the good old snail-mail service so that we could write letters back and forth. It was the perfect opportunity for me to go to Paperchase to purchase lots of girly letter-writing sets and stickers. (I always take advantage of reasons to spend money in Paperchase!)

Most of her letters consisted of pictures. I like to think I'm a bit artistic too, and one day I got carried away and wrote a whole mini picture book for her to read. It was about a little owls 'First Day at School' and I used lots of cute owl stickers! I knew she was nervous and excited about moving up the the big school.

So I designed and hand-crafted a little pocket storybook specifically to fit into an envelope and pop in the post for her. Now if only these Moleskine Postal Notebooks had been available then! They would have been perfect, and I may even have ended up becoming a children's Author/Illustrator...

Therapeutic 'Sealed' Journalling

I got into the possibly strange habit of writing hand-written letters to myself as a form of Journal Therapy while I was going through a break-up. I would write myself a letter, or more to the point I would write the letter addressed to my Ex, and get all the emotional analysis out of my system. Then I would seal the letter and put it at the back of my bookcase and feel SO much better.

I don't know, there was just something about finishing the letter, saying everything I needed to say, and sealing the envelope that felt really good. And then of course, just not reading them or mulling over what I had written.

It was my way of saying that I had dealt with those feelings, said what I needed to say, and that was the end of it. And if I felt the feelings resurface, I would simply write another letter, until I got a bit bored of it and miraculously I was over my break up!

You could do the same thing with these Notebooks. When you come to the end of the notebooks, just seal them like a letter, and store them away somewhere for future entertainment or reflection. In fact these Moleskine Postal Notebooks could be dedicated specifically to journal therapy needs. I like it!

Travel Pen Pals

I suppose if you doing a bit of travelling it would be nice to collect thoughts and scribbles to send back home to friends and family. Moleskine Postal Notebooks would be perfect for that. Or even if you have a pen-pal that you write to regularly, whether you're travelling about or not, you could use these notebooks as a fun and alternative way to write your letters.

I know that I would love and treasure a letter if I received it in such a cool form! Like a little piece of art. A mini travel-journal. Someone else's adventures in a little bound book, written specially for me. One of a kind. Wonderful :)

Personally I think everyone should have a pen-pal, 
and keep good old-fashioned snail-mail alive!

Notebook Mail - it could be the next big thing?


  1. I really enjoyed reading your post. I love the relationship that you have with your neice and the writing treasures and storybooks. That is a great set of memorabiia to leave to future generations.

    Writing letters etc as a way of recovering from a break up or alike is a great idea. It is exhibited in the form of Gesult therepy where one can talk to an object in place of the real person. This therepy is often used where someone has died suddenly and there is so much left unsaid.

    The postal notebooks sound fun - I will look these up, but as I was reading I thought of the fantastic book (well,I loved it anyway) Without Reservations by Alice Steinbach who traveled along through London, Paris, Oxford and Italy mailing postcards to herself at her address in the USA.

    I've rambled enough!

    1. Hi,

      I'm glad you enjoyed my post :) Hmmm, talking to an object eh? Like Tom Hanks in the Castaway, talking to that deflated ball when he was stranded on the Island! There's definitely something to it. Thanks for the book recommendation too, I'll check it out, sounds interesting.

      Oh and feel free to ramble away... I do!


  2. Im loving this idea!!!! Moleskin should use your post, its brilliant! I lie the idea of the pen pal thing!

    1. Hi, thanks so much for your kind comments, put a wonderful smile on my face :)


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