The Time I Bought My Sister A Filofax... And KEPT It!

I was convinced that I could change my sister's life by converting her to share my secret love-affair with Filofaxes. Like me she is a Virgo and in many ways we are very similar. She has always had the same strange interest in pens and paper, we both used to keep diaries and scrap books as kids, Although being my younger sister, looking back, perhaps she was just being a bit of a copy-cat? If I could just get a Filofax into her hands though, I knew it would be contagious.

So I ordered her a beautiful bright red Personal Chameleon. I was so excited. Was this just an excuse to purchase more Filofax Goodies and not feel guilty? Probably. The thing is, when my sister's Filofax arrived, I had the pleasure of unwrapping it, and as soon as I had it in my hands I felt oh-so-confused! How could I possibly part with it now that I had seen it? It was so vibrant and when I placed it on top of my A5 Aqua Chameleon Filofax I saw something very special indeed. The colour combination was so exciting. There was no way that I could part with it.

As you can see that bright vibrant red follows you as you open the Filofax up, it's everywhere. Now I'm not normally a 'bright red' type of gal, that has always been my sister's thing, which is why I chose the red one for her, but I was beginning to think that maybe I could be...

And inside it came with these tutti-fruity coloured numbered tab dividers. I was jealous! I wanted them, end of story.

The only thing I could do was go straight back online and purchase another red Filofax for my sister and keep this one for myself. Yes, I was officially purchasing two of the same Filofax. My addiction and insanity was finally confirmed. But what's a girl to do?

I gave my sister the second Filofax last Christmas and she laughed when she opened it, but I had faith that it would soon seduce her, and it did. It's all about the personalisation, as you dedicated Filofax lovers know. She gradually gave in and made it her own, and then one day she called me up and made me the happiest sister on the planet...

"Zara," She gasped with angst in her voice, "Zara, I can't find my Filofax! What am I going to do? I don't know what I'm doing tomorrow!"

That's my girl, I thought with a big smile on my face :)


  1. Red Chameleons are lovely. My summer Filofax is a personal red Chameleon. I luckily don't have a sister to get another one for!

  2. I can certainly see why you were so smitten!!

  3. You did exactly the right thing :-)

  4. Your video is beyond cute!

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