Filofax Vlog: The Arrival of My A5 Aqua Chameleon Filofax

My First Filofax Vlog

Just as I promised, I have filmed a Filofax Unboxing Video for you all to enjoy. Yes, this is me. Little Miss. Filofancy living, breathing and speaking... How very weird.  Do I really look like this?  Do I really sound like this?  Is that beautiful new A5 Chameleon Filofax in aqua really mine... All forty-five pounds worth of it?  Yes, yes, and YES!

I was half asleep. I vaguely heard the doorbell go, and I vaguely heard my landlady answering it.  I could have been dreaming, perhaps I was mid-dream at the time, but as soon as I heard the postman say "Package for Miss. Zara Mohammed" I knew exactly what it was, and suddenly I was awake.

I leaped out of bed, still in my clothes from the night before, such is the life of a single girl in her twenties, and I ran to meet my destiny planner.

My landlady had it in her hands, and I looked at her anxiously.

"Er, I think that's mine?" I said tentatively.

She looked back at me suspiciously, I saw her note my unkempt hair and yesterday's outfit. Then she placed my precious package on the side-table and walked past me, "Rent's due lady."

I cringed, grabbed my brand new Filofax, and sped back into my bedsit to release my excited tension. Might have to increase my overdraft just a little bit more to cover the rent and keep my dear landlady happy.

I hope you enjoy the vlog! Don't forget to leave your thoughts in the comments below :)

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  1. heh heh - you are too cute. hope you are enjoying your new bff. i just recently got the aqua chameleon in personal --- "ethereal" is how i can best describe it. it's really beautiful but no matter how much i stray (this year anyway), i always seem to move back to the amazona...can't wait to read/see/hear more about your own

  2. Fabulous!!! mine arrived this week too - who could resist the sale? Love the video :o)

  3. Thanks guys :) Yes the Amazona is beautiful, but for some reason the Chameleon stood out to me... quite possibly the discount had something to do with it! I've taken some lovely pics, I'll be uploading them to the blog shortly. Hope to see you back here again soon!


  4. What a great video & thanks for sharing :)
    I agree, it is very exciting opening up a new filofax!

    1. Oh thank you Anita, I'm glad you enjoyed it :) I get excited just opening up a new pack of inserts even when I've bought them a million times before :)


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