It's Filofancy's 10th Anniversary Today!

I thought it would be fun to celebrate Filofancy's 10th Anniversary by exploring the blog to rediscover some of my really old posts.

The very first post I published on this blog was all the way back in 2012. I can't believe it was exactly 10 years ago today. 

I have come and gone over the years in terms of actually writing and publishing content, but the blog has always remained online, and it has been lovely to see a steady flow of visitors still discovering the blog and enjoying my posts.

I have a great contents page that makes it easy to browse through my older posts, but I wanted to pull out a few of my favourites and talk about them today. So here are 4 Filofancy posts from the past...

Filofax Vlog: The Arrival of My A5 Aqua Chameleon Filofax

This post always makes me giggle! It is short and sweet and describes the arrival in the post of the Filofax that triggered my planner obsession and inspired the creation of the Filofancy blog. 

It also has a link in it to my very first Filofax vlog on Youtube - which is highly embarrassing, but also rather lovely to look back on. I'm so young and silly. My enthusiasm is refreshing. 

If you are interested, head over to the post, but don't forget to come back to finish reading this one! (All of the links in this post will open in a new window, so it's easy for you to return.)

How to Create a Unique Dashboard for your Filofax - The Filofancy Way!

Don't you just love how grainy and vintage my photos look from old blog posts? Camera phones were nothing in comparison to what they are now. 

I love this old post, along with many of the other "creative ideas" posts that are peppered throughout the blog. Back in the day dashboards were considered a new idea, and I really did think that my "Filofancy" dashboard idea was truly innovative. 

It's a bit embarrassing how this outdated post is actually one of the most viewed posts on the blog. My attempts at SEO must be on target for this post. 

Head back in time to read more about my so-called creative-genius! Just remember... we're talking a whole decade ago... so be kind in the comments...

Aston Filofax and Holborn Zipped - First Impressions

The story of how I fell in love with a Filofax while standing in the middle of Paperchase is actually kind of hilarious, and 100% true. Sometimes I wonder if people reading my blog must think I exaggerate my feelings for Filofax planners, but the fact remains, I just tell it how it is. 

You can read my little love story here, its a tiny bit cringy, but I remember it like it was yesterday, and it always makes me smile. Comment while you are over there if you have a Filofax Love story to tell!

Perhaps one of the most bonkers things I have done since becoming obsessed with Filofaxes was when I bought a Filofax for my sister, fell in love and ended up keeping it, and then had to purchase the exact same one to give to her! 

This is a funny blog post describing that experience, with a link to a charming little video I made, in which I waffle on about how I have fallen for the Filofax and how much I really didn't want to give it to my sister. But for some reason, I decided to edit it so that you can't hear me talking, and the footage is sped up and dubbed with a quirky tune. 

It's still fun to watch though, especially now that you know what I'm actually talking about behind the music! Click here for the blog post -  It's worth it just to see how gorgeous the Filofax is.

Looking To The Future...

Well, we have had a good look into Filofancy's past, but about the future of the blog? Will we still be here in ten years time to celebrate another decade of writing about planners, journals, and stationery? Will I have my act together by then and be posting more regular and more relevant content? Or will Filofancy remain a little historical archive of memory-lane posts? 

Only time will tell... but if you subscribe to my blog for notifications of new posts you can continue to follow the Filofancy journey. 

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  1. Congratulations on reaching the 10th anniversary. I remember reading your first posts and watching your videos!

    I hope you continue with posting.

    1. Thank you Steve! I can't believe how long ago it was. I remember being told off by you or Ray Blake for using someone else's photograph for my logo, I was a bit naive back then, how embarrassing! Thank you for all your hard work with Philofaxy over the years, if it wasn't for you I doubt anybody would ever have found any of my posts back then :)


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